Old Friends

There’s nothing like old friends.  I am lucky enough to have two.  We met in 1967 and immediately became friends.  That friendship has lasted until now and will continue until the day we die.  We aren’t sisters by blood, but are by virtue of time.  Although we have each gone our own way and lived our own lives, it was clear to one and all that we had a special relationship.  We watched each other get married, have children, mature, and thrive. 

I can’t remember a time that we had a serious disagreement; however, there were times when we agreed not to agree.  Now, that the kids are grown and on their own, we travel together at times.  We went to Ireland adding my aunt to our group which was one of the best times and met in Phoenix this year for the wedding among other adventures.  What can you say about people that you trust completely.  That trust is hard earned and will never dissipate.

We met at the US Marine Corps officer candidate school during the summer following our junior year of college.  I don’t know their motivations, but I was about to graduate from college with a degree in English and a minor in Journalism without ever having worked a job.  I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but knew I had to earn a living.  I had also determined that I wouldn’t go back home and live in my hometown.  So, what’s a girl supposed to do?  After a lot of deciding what I didn’t want to do, I finally thought about the military.  I toyed with the idea a long time, telling no one, weighing the pros and cons.  It was the time of Vietnam and the controversy was just beginning.  I didn’t join with a lot of patriotism and fervor.  It was quite simply a way to earn money and live the life I wanted to.  What I ended up with was so much more.

From that one decision, I received two wonderful friends; a husband and, thus, three kids; a great jump start on working and work ethics; and a world of confidence that I could accomplish anything I wanted.  And that doesn’t include all the benefits that I received being a veteran.  Of the three of us, I left the Marines after 3 years, one stayed in the Reserves until she retired, and the third completed 20 years before retiring to stay home with her son.  So, here’s to all of us who have old friends.

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2 Responses to Old Friends

  1. Leo says:

    I have looked upon the three of you and have thought to myself that I hope I can have friends like yours. Somehow, I think most of my friendships are fleeting at best and that it is a true gift to have friends of a lifetime.

    Here is to thirty, forty, and fifty more years of friendship among you three!!

  2. Carol says:

    Most friendships are fleeting like the proverbial ships passing in the night. You never know which ones will dock permanently.

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