A New Way of Life

I remember all the good food we had when I was a child. Everything was made from scratch and used local products when they were available often including produce from my grandmother’s garden.  My mother was a really good cook and baker.  I didn’t get any of her talent, but her granddaughter and a grandson did.

My mother would cook up meals consisting of meat and, at least, two vegetables and always included dessert.  Lunch usually consisted of some type of sandwich using pimento cheese, livermush, or, in the summer, pineapple on fresh white bread.  Meats were sometimes fried but not always.  The only fast food place in town was a drive-in where you sat in the car to eat and a couple of restaurants.  We never ate at any of those establishments.  Meals were always at home or with family, but  eating at our house was always a pleasure.

While Mother was dealing with cancer, she swore that, if she got better, she would eat whatever she wanted and get as fat as she wanted to.  I was stunned since my mother was always slim and attractive.  I assumed that was because she was so active and ate healthy foods.  It turned out that those Fritos she munched on for lunch were her way of dieting to stay slim and, in the end, she hated it.

I wonder what she would have done if she were still living.  I know what I have done.  I have totally changed my way of eating.  I was never a big fan of meat so not eating it is the right thing for me.  I don’t totally abstain just prefer not to eat meat.  When I do, turkey is usually my choice but, every now and then, it’s chicken or beef. I’ve pretty much stopped eating out since I don’t know what is in the food like MSG, salt, fats and sugar.    Not working at an office has been good for my diet as well since I have total control over the foods available.  Offices are notorious for having numerous goodies at any given time and the foods are usually hard to resist when you are stressing.

I’m eating more fiber, more fruits, yogurt, granola and am working on adding vegetables and beans.  So, all in all, a good diet.  The one thing I learned while dieting was to satisfy a craving when you have one.  I eat chocolate and ice cream, if I want them, just in lesser amounts.  I keep cherries or nuts available for snacking if I want a quick bite instead of M&Ms.  If I have to, I’ll admit that I feel better for all the changes in my diet. 

But, you know, every now and then, nothing satisfies like a plate from KFC.  Fried chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy, and coleslaw.  It is heavenly.  First, you feast on the scent of everything; then, dig in.  Oh, you pay, but it is all worth it.  If I’m going to cheat on my daily eating habits, I want to do it in a first class manner.  There’s a reason it’s called comfort food. 

So, maybe, I have morphed into what my mother would be doing if she were still with us.  Eating right is a choice and I have made mine.  And, just maybe, Mother, is nudging me from above.  Thanks, Mom.

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