A Summer’s Rainy Day

Last night, we had a quick shower with big, heavy drops and the morning was so dark that lights were required to see the keys on my computer.  Now, it is raining again a gentle, quiet rain now that the rumbles of thunder have moved away.  I love rainy days and, especially, when I can stay at home and do whatever I want. 

My favorite want on days like this is to read.  To cuddle up with a book and while away the hours, learning about someone who becomes real to me even though it’s fiction.  I’m just a sucker for a happy endings.  But today, there are tasks that must be completed so the reading is postponed.  In order to postpone the chores, I’m writing a post for this blog.  Procrastinating isn’t always a bad thing.  Sometimes, you can work while procrastinating.  I’m also multitasking since my phone is charging so I can call my aunt in a little while about another post. 

For children, these are boring days and parents must become creative.  For me, that was never a forte.   Somehow, they survived or maybe my serenity acquired from the rain transferred to them.  I remember sitting in front of glass patio doors watching a thrilling lightening show with my boys; it was like our own fireworks show.  The electricity was out and the house dark as we sat on the floor watching each bolt leap out of the sky followed by the deep throated roar of thunder.  It was a magnificent storm and we all enjoyed the show.  My favorite thunder is those that are so vibrant it sounds as though it cracks.  Then, there is rolling thunder which starts far away and rumbles closer and closer until it crashes over you. 

When Katrina thrashed through here, I stood on the back porch and watched as a stand of trees danced in unison to the winds that whipped them unrelentingly.  They would bow as though paying obeisance to the god of hurricanes.  As one, they would then rise to their normal, proud stance until the next gust required them to repeat the performance.  A dance choreographed by God.  The sight of those trees bending almost in half is an unforgettable, inspiring sight.  Some of the weaker rooted trees crashed to earth or landed haphazardly on other trees.  The clean up afterward was daunting, but for those few moments, I was in wonderland.

For now, the shower has passed but there is a promise of more for it’s a rainy day and anything is possible.  I might even get my chores done before nighttime.  As I said, anything is possible.

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