An Idyllic Evening

The sun is just setting and the temperature and humidity are both at a tolerable level.  The swing sways gently on the screened-in porch while cicadas hum gently from the trees serenaded by the few birds still singing their song.  Crepe myrtles bloom and fade as have the springtime daffodils and summer’s day lilies.  All the plants are so green and the vines, be they planted or weeds, lengthen their span. The jasmine is growing nicely and should be laden with blooms next spring. 

People stroll by, some with dogs, while others stride by in their purposeful walking exercise.  The dogs sniff each tree as if their lives depended on it occasionally watering one to leave their mark.  My cat saunters over wanting a rub or scratch whichever is available loving the touch that soothes her.  A car rolls by and someone is on their way home where dinner is waiting.  There are still plenty of hot days ahead but for now it is peaceful and beautiful.  There is talk of a disturbance to the south and the weatherman isn’t sure if it will be a hurricane, but it will bring rain. 

The light moves to twilight and dusk is nearing as the sound of air conditioners fills the air as they keep the indoors cool and comfortable.  The lights begin to brighten as dusk deepens and days of autumn don’t seem so far away.  The cicadas song becomes more insistent and you wonder why.  As usual, the leaves are already beginning to fall.  There is talk of schools reopening and football practice has begun. Fall will bring with it more yard work, cutting back some plants while others are purchased and planted.  But that is for manana. 

Now is for enjoying the summer with it’s peaceful, warm evenings.  I think of others sitting on their porches chatting about the day’s events or mothers’ bathing their babes in preparation for bed.  Stories will be read, dishes will be washed, and the worries will be put away for the night.  This is the type of evening you only read about, but, for now, it is mine and I’m enjoying it.  Another day is done and tomorrow will be a better day.  May we all enjoy the quiet of the night resting our bodies and minds in the lulling warmth of the evening.

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2 Responses to An Idyllic Evening

  1. Doris says:

    Teriffic word picture! I can almost feel the heat, hear the tree frogs and smell the gardenia traveling on the evening mist. I especially like the part about worries being put away for the night.

  2. Leo says:

    That is incredibly descriptive! I can picture that idyllic evening in my mind right now. Thanks for that story, I look forward to more like it.

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