Can We Talk?

I’ve seemingly hit writer’s block and I blame it on the weather here.  We’re in the 90’s and the humidity must be near 85 percent.  It’s hot and wet.  It drains the brain of all thought.  For fun, I went to Wal-Mart yesterday since it’s cool there and I needed stuff.  National news tell me it’s really hot in the Northeast so where does that leave the rest of us?  Are we supposed to be cooled by the thought that the folks in the Northeast are suffering. 

I am always amazed that there doesn’t seem to be weather anywhere unless it happens in New York City.  Now, I will grant you that 105 degrees in Baltimore is due some press, but really should it be the top national news story.  Obviously, a slow news day.  If you believed the news, you would think the really bad weather only happened in New York.  In truth, we all have bad weather.  What we don’t have is national coverage of it. 

And what is all this stuff about Lindsay Lohan?  Are we supposed to be upset that the judge got fed up with her antics and tossed her court defying butt in jail?  Well, Lindsay, here’s the truth.  You are a mess; you need to grow up and get real.  Get off the drugs, get a job or do volunteer work.  In other words, get over yourself. 

Another thing that’s bugging me is the way there is a tax for everything one does.  Why do we have to pay taxes on money that the government gives us to help rebuild our economy?  Isn’t that indian giving?  I already pay taxes for schools which I don’t use anymore, for roads that are a mess, and for an infrastructure that is struggling at best.  Do you think there is some huge black hole into which our money flows never to be seen again?  Oh, yeah, that would be the federal government.  Have we gone back to taxation without representation?  Do people run for Senator or Congressman just to get all the federal benefits or to have their 15 minutes of fame?  Their good intentions to do something good for the people they represent fall by the wayside or languish in a mass of paperwork and back room politicking.

One more thing, who on God’s green earth decided that we should all look like pencils and have the fitness of Superman?  Ah, yes, I believe it was the fashion industry.  Another great bastion of common sense.  Now, this isn’t to say that the obesity problem in the US isn’t serious.  It is; however, we shouldn’t all have to be measured by Twiggy or Calista Flockhart to see if our body shape is correct.  I think that by today’s standard Marilyn Monroe would be considered overweight bordering on obese.  And what is all this stuff about abs?  Why would I want washboard abs?  I would be happy with a non-poochy stomach.  Oh, I get it.  Set unrealistic standards that few can reach so we can all walk around feeling like failures.  And that’s what the “experts” have done to us.

As I reread this it sounds fairly grumpy,  but it’s just some of the things that bother me.  So, don’t let my weather-inflicted mood get you down.  Tomorrow will be a better day if I buy stuff to “keep up with the Joneses” and improve the economy, lose 25 pounds, get totally fit, and pay my taxes.  Oh, yeah, that’s going to happen——-not!  So, these are some of my questions that have no answers and I wonder what unreachable goal the media will hype for us next year.

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  1. Leo says:

    You can tell the heat definitely got to you today… it must be hot in the M-to-the-S-to-the-P-to-the-I (wow, that was really long).

    Get cool and keep writing!!

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