Consequences of Age

Another week has passed.  I know that because today was the day to refill the weekly medicine holder I have.  Thankfully, I’m not on many medications, but resent everyone that I take.  For a year, I went off my blood pressure and cholesterol medications.  It was worth a try, but when I took my blood pressure last week, I realized the doctor was right. 

Dr. Lewis had said that it was heredity which would keep me dependent upon the medication for good health.   I trusted him and believed him, but I had to prove to myself that I really needed the meds.   After a year, my blood pressure was high again.  Not terribly high as it had been in the past, but too high to be good for me.

So, once again, I’m on the medicine.  God grant me the serenity to accept what I cannot change.  There are other changes due to my numerous years.  I have never had to buy skin moisturizers, but do now.  Even more amazing, I actually use it.  If I don’t, it feels as though I don’t have enough skin to cover my body.  In other words, it’s a tight fit.  My nails, which used to be strong and cared for, split down the middle and I can’t seem to stop that so I cut them short.  Computer research says this is product of aging.  I miss my long nails.

It used to be that I bought shampoo and conditioner and got my my hair cut and colored monthly.  Now, I have special shampoo and conditioner to bring out the white in my hair and discourage the yellowing.  For special occasions, I have a mousse that whitens and a spray-on white coloring for pictures.  I’m not sure why I have all that stuff except that my hairdresser said I should and I used them at my son’s wedding. 

I stopped coloring my hair when I looked around and everywhere I looked women over the age of 45 seemed to have blonde hair.  It was just overwhelming to me that everyone of us were walking around with the same color hair.  So, I decided to go to what is now my natural color–white.  There are times when I see a mirror that it feels as though I am some peroxided head of hair, but, no, mine grows that way.  People seem surprised to see someone with white hair.  I know why they are startled.  It is so rare to see an honest head of hair now.  I’m all for doing what you want to make yourself look better, but, maybe, we have taken it too far.

The lines on my face are all laugh lines and I feel like I’ve earned a few wrinkles.  They keep appearing and I keep laughing.  The bones act up every now and then so I take gobs of calcium to counteract the osteoporosis that threatens them.  Since I still sit in the lotus position, I’m happy with that and, hopefully,  my bones are strenghtening once again.   So, getting older has some downsides, but all in all it’s not so bad.  I am one of the lucky ones. 

The one thing that hasn’t changed, and I hope never will, is my personality.  I like who I am and want to keep it.  So, I’m comfortable in my own skin even if it is a tight fit at times.

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  1. darlene says:

    OK, so we are getting older according to the calendar- so what since in our heart and mind we are still young. Like one of my Pastors said “Keep the mind and the heart of a child and the body will keep on going." My hair is going brown and white so I think I will stick to the wigs since the scare is still attempting to grow hair. Love your thoughts and inspirations.

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