Mary, Mary, quite contrary

The southwest corner of my yard has really pretty bushes and trees that bloom from the first of spring until late summer.  It stays green year round for the most part and brightens my day lots of times, for example, the crepe myrtle is full of pink blooms right now.  If I do say so, it’s pretty; however, thanks to some bird or such, this same 200 sq feet +/- has the weed from hell in there. 

Last spring and summer, I flat out didn’t have the energy or time to worry about it so it just took over killing one of my ever blooming roses and threatening all other plants by practically denuding them since no sun could get to the plants.  Think kudzu and you will get the picture.  This spring I was determined to keep it under control and had it in pretty good shape by the first of June.  Then, the 96 degree weather hit and by the time I got up it was always 82 with a real feel of near 90.  I couldn’t function in the heat and never worked on the weed. 

Today, I returned to the task of keeping IT under control.  One hour later, I had just about filled a trash can and had only made a dent in the removal process.  This morning, I returned and got more of it singing “Joshua Fit De Battle of Jericho”.  The garbage can is full and the weed is still taking over my plants.  This routine will continue the rest of this week; I hope to get to the other flower beds by next weekend all of which have the more typical types of weeds.

A weed should be the state flower for this state since they grow in such abundance through drought, flooding rains, Katrina, and any other thing that Mother Nature can hand out.  You just have to ask why God created weeds.  I want to plant a plant, have it grow, and have weeds shrink back in fear, but no, they just take over.  This fall, I will try a feed and weed product that might slow it down but I doubt it will die off.  Is it wrong to be so hopeless about a weed? I hope not. 

I really hate that weed and rail at it with great vehemence using really ugly words as I yank it out of my bushes.  It doesn’t care.  Of course, I don’t say all these things out loud since anyone nearby would faint if they heard me.  But don’t you think it would feel the hate and the glaring looks? 

So, God, when we meet, my first question is why weeds, particularly, this evil one.  I suppose he will tell me all about how the devil’s work takes many forms and how wrong I was to hate the weed saying that one should have love in their hearts for all His creations.  I will leave with my head hung down feeling tremendous guilt and pain.  Can I find it in my heart to love this plant to death?  To death?  Well, nothing else has worked.  Watch out weed.

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3 Responses to Mary, Mary, quite contrary

  1. Doris says:

    Love a plant to death??!! I’m laughing out loud!

  2. Carol says:

    Thanks, the more I thought about it the better I liked it. Glad it gave you a laugh,

  3. Leo says:

    I feel the same way about grass. The grass does not grow, but the weeds keep on taking over. We should popularize weeds and bring down grass and flowers b

    We actually had some of the weed-vines choke out two of our trees.

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