Nothing’s Easy Anymore

Times were that when you needed a toothbrush you bought one.  The choices were hard, medium, and soft, red, blue, or green.  Now, the choices are regular, battery, or rechargeable and, then, you have to pick the type of head you want and, finally, medium or soft.  For about two minutes, I feel guilty about not buying the one that the dentist recommends, but over $100 for a toothbrush.  Nah.

It also used to be that if you missed a television show you waited until the summer reruns and caught it then.   Now, you have options.  Record it on a VHS and keep it; record it on a DVR, watch it later, and delete it; or just buy the whole season at the store. Oh, wait, I missed that scene so I’ll just rewind and catch it right now.  Problem is that we have to make time to watch what we miss.

 Of course, the summer reruns days were when the only choices were CBS, NBC, or ABC and back in those days the choices were black and white or color.  Now, my tv has something like 400 channels plus all the sports and music choice channels.  There is no shortage of babble about something and anything since about 65% of the channels have something that I just can’t live without for three easy payments of $29.95.

Going to the grocery store was a lot easier back then, too.  You just got groceries.  Now, you have choices of regular (whatever that is, it’s usually the least expensive), organic, fresh, frozen, or canned.  Food isn’t just from nearby states either.  I can buy blueberries from South America, cookies from Denmark, or olives from Italy.  And don’t get me started on the cheese and egg selections.  Of course, I can get my prescriptions,  do my banking, or buy flowers and plants there now, too. 

Those decisions are made after you make the choice of whether to go to the locally owned grocer, the corporate owned grocery store, or Wal-mart.  If you just want milk or sodas, you can go to Target where you can get your other shopping done.  If you want the specialty items, you can always order them online.

All these choices just to be clean, get the shopping done and watch a little tv nevermind getting a job or choosing a car.  So many choices; so little time.  Wouldn’t you hate to be one of those people who can’t make up their mind?  Their lives must be a living hell.  However, I like having options since they take me out of my rut and into something new.  Change is good for all of us.

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3 Responses to Nothing’s Easy Anymore

  1. We actually have a $100 toothbrush that my dentist friend gave me. I probably would not have purchased it, but it is incredible. My teeth are cleaner than they ever have been before.

  2. cwurschmidt says:

    But would you have paid $100+ for it? And after using it, would you now?

    • Leo says:

      I would not have bought it myself. However, after using it and seeing the benefit of the toothbrush, I would say I am closer to buying a replacement than I would have originally thought.

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