Where’s the How-To Book?

My library has all types of how-to-books including how to garden, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling and on and on.  That doesn’t include all the cookbooks that will teach me how to cook.  But when I really need one where is it?  When my oldest son was born, I really needed a how to book but there wasn’t one.  I always maintain that the first child is the “trainer” child.  He/she teaches you how to be a parent so you can more correctly rear the other children and I would like to thank my oldest for volunteering. 

Four years ago, a boy was born and I was called grandmother and, now, we’ve added a sister.  Okay, where’s that manual?  Now, that I really know how to parent, parenting skills are no longer needed.  So, now I’m on a learning curve for being a grandmother.  It’s hard for me to step back and let others do everything, not impossible, just really hard.  But, hopefully, I’m getting and will get better at it. 

Life is easy at first because the needs of the grandchild are few, i.e. diapers, hugs, and smiles.  Then, they become real people and develop personality, have bigger needs, ask questions that need answers and become more complex people.  Where’s the manual because I could really use it.  How do I grandparent without stepping on parenting rights?  Once again, my oldest and his wife are training me.  Luckily for me, they are both really great people who are willing to teach and let me make mistakes.

But what struck me last night was that now my first grandchild is teaching/training me as well.  The week that I spent there taught me that I had to develop new skills to keep up with my grandson.  He is totally capable with Wii and is pretty skilled for his age with the sports games.  On the other hand, I had turned my Wii on once and never even inserted the sports package that came with it.  I was supposed to be doing the Active package, but good intentions and all that aside, it only happened that one time.

  In other words, I was totally inept with the sports package.  Last night, I figured out how to do the sports package by using the manual and practiced.  Never again will I be so totally inept when I’m with my grandchildren.  My first bowling score was 68 and I found out that I’m a better pitcher than batter especially since they only call stikes.  For baseball, I kept telling my grandson, “You’re swinging too early” which is what the Wii said.  Well, young man, Grandma swings too early, too, and too late.  I did get a few hits, but the other team won.  Thank goodness, the game only lasted 3 innings.  I tried tennis but was so bad at it that the pain had to end.  However, I will get better and I will work at it.   Young man, the next time we meet game on.  You will always be better than me and I can live with that, but I need to develop the skills and not look so bad.  So, here’s to learning how to be a parent and grandparent and the children who teach us.

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  1. Leo says:

    What always amazes me is how you finally get used to a child and how to handle them… and then they change again. I am sure you are well versed at this, but it keeps you on your toes, having to always adjust.

    I look forward to the grandma-grandson sports matches that are coming. 🙂

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