Giving a Pep Talk

Motivation is the key to getting anything done and is the hardest thing to find.  Retirement found me relaxing and enjoying, relaxing and not enjoying, totally relaxed and bored totally unmotivated.  In January, I was readying my house to put it up for sale which took me into mid-April up to the time of my son’s wedding.  I was working hard and enjoying it.  The wedding occupied my time until mid-May and I was back to totally relaxed and bored.  June meant a trip to see my other son’s family and his new baby daughter and completion of the work to set up this blog. 

On returning home, I started the blog and am surprised at the results.  It provides me with an opportunity to write and, since writing takes time and thought, it began to fill my days.  The first few postings were, at best, haphazard, but my motivation was high.  As I began to formulate the type of posts I wanted and recalled all the old grammar rules I had been taught, posting began to be a challenge.  I could have taken it easy and just written whenever I wanted, but knew that without more structure it would fall by the wayside. 

Doing a post five days a week works for me and I began to be more at ease within the established grammar and time structure.  My motivation was still high, and I wanted to push myself more to provide different types of posts with some strictly narrative while others would be more descriptive, some light, some not.  Now, the motivation for the blog has carried over to other aspects of my life like selling my house. 

It’s tough to sell a house in the current market and, admittedly, I had lost all motivation to deal with buyers, open houses, my realtor, just about anything.  So, I identified the things that bothered me over which I had some control.  The first was a brochure for my house since we didn’t have one.  Making a brochure took about an hour or so since I was previously a realtor.  My current realtor just came by for a visit to discuss the open house on Sunday.  The next thing I knew I found she, too, was grappling for what to do with this market.  Immediately, I jumped on my podium and began telling her things that she could do to improve her business.  I had been there and had done all the things that I related to her.

By the time she left with a totally dazed look and a smile pasted on, I was so pumped that I could barely sit still.  I wanted to jump in and do it all for her.  But that was my motivation not hers.  She has to do it for herself if it’s to be successful.  So, by hopefully trying to motivate her, I found that I was motivated to do what I could to support her.  But the pep talk for her really pepped me up.  She and I will continue to struggle until the house sells, but, at least, she knows I will support her and I know she will support me.  Really can you ask for anything more?  Now, I am back to relaxing and enjoying it.  Right where I want to be.

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  1. Leo says:

    That is great. I love the relaxing progression.

    Thanks for talking about your thoughts on structuring the blog. It was interesting to read about that.

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