Going Back to School

I just signed up to take two courses about writing (please stop cheering) at a nearby college in September.  Oddly, I find that I’m nervous about going “back to school”.  There won’t be a run on stores for staples nor will I have to buy clothes since I have plenty of both here.  But the butterflies are racing through my stomach; hope the blue one wins. 

This isn’t my first foray into education since I graduated from college.  I have taken extra courses and completed required courses necessary for work.  The one thing I have learned is how to take tests, but I still hope there aren’t any.  I am there to learn and not to get a grade.  There will be no diploma to start my career since this is continuing education.  Yet, the nerves abound.

I wonder if this will be a class of twenty somethings or one of seventy somethings.  I really hate meeting people.  Paste that smile on, be bright and charming, be friendly, be warm.  Be all that you can be–now where have I heard that before.  The big one is to try not to make a fool of myself in front of everyone.  All these insecurities rising up and I know that after one class I will be relaxed and comfortable and raring to go again.

What do I take with me?  I barely use a pen or pencil now.  Hate the thought of taking notes on paper.  Then, I have to keep up with the paper which is much harder than calling up a doc on the computer.  I could take my computer, but hate lugging this laptop around so I guess it will be pen and paper.  Maybe I should get a backpack.  Oh yeah, that would be just so attractive.  Me mimicking a college kid.  Okay, common sense has just now returned.  I don’t need nor do I want a backpack.  Just had a new thought.  Homework.  I’ll probably have homework.  Well, shucks.  This was so obviously a well thought out idea.

What I want is the learning, the knowing, the how to.  What I want is to improve my skills and expand my capabilities.  What I want is to get something published.  Life has taught me that I rarely get what I want, but it’s replacement is always better.  So, the motivation is there and the desire is there, but where will the future lead?  That is my true quest.  To find what the future holds.  In the meantime, I will learn and as the old saying goes, “practice, practice, practice.”  In my case, practice won’t make perfect, but it will make for better writing.

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  1. Leo says:

    I am excited about your new adventure in education! I look forward to hearing the stories you have to tell about your classes.

    Do not worry about making a fool of yourself. Everyone is thinking the same exact thing. I say go with the backpack and your pad of paper. It makes things easier when walking around.

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