Two years ago,  our first hummingbird feeder was set up.  Choosing to make our own food for them, we made the sugar water and loaded up the feeder.  We watched it carefully but no birds came to feed, however, plenty of ants did.  The following spring the feeder went out again.  It took a while, but finally two hummingbirds found the feeder. This year there are three or four flitting around.  One has a green back, one a ruby throat and two are plain grey.  They dash hither and thither always hurrying to get where they must go.

I always think of hummingbirds as being gentle little creatures.  Their bodies are about the size of my thumb with the long bills and ever flapping wings except when feeding.  These don’t fly so much as they dart here, there, and everywhere.  One was obviously dominant since anytime the other one neared the feeder it was chased off.   It seems as though they are playing, but it could be they are at war.  It’s really hard to tell.

No matter how stressed, worried, or busy I am it always cheers me to see those little birds flying around.  They hover, fly straight up, or bound around the house or garage.  The eye will catch a dark oval darting by and I follow the flight of one or another of them.  Now, they are sharing their food with a huge wasp.  When he’s there, they aren’t.

It has been interesting to watch these little ones flit around and, now, I’m thinking of getting a bird feeder when I move and get settled.  Of course, that will call for a book about birds so I can identify them.  It will have to have a section on hummingbirds.  Since finding these little charmers, I will always have a feeder for them as well as the flowers they like.  God must have been in a good mood when he decided to make hummingbirds for they do lighten the day.

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  1. Leo says:

    That is cool that you got a hummingbird feeder. We have a bird feeder here at the house, but we have not put it up yet. I love watching the birds come and eat. I bet I would equally enjoy watching the hummingbirds.

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