Just Being Lazy

I love my lazy days.  Some people might not be able to see the difference between my lazy days and regular work days, but what’s important is that I know the difference.  Regular work days are Monday through Friday and includes working on this blog, handling my email and blog comments, doing research for whatever I’m working on, cleaning house, picking up stuff, running errands, fixing food and whatever else comes up.  It’s all a part of everyday stuff.

But on the weekends I sometimes have a lazy day where no work is done.  The day is allowed to lollygag and time isn’t worried about.  On those days, books are read, movies are watched and naps are taken.  I also take the time to wiggle my feet and just do nothing at all.  I deliberately don’t think about any of my priorities.  Summer seems to bring on more of these days with its sultry heat.  Days are longer and nighttime shorter.  Constantly oppressed by the temperatures, the body craves quiet, lazy movement.

What’s the use of having roses if you don’t stop to smell them or put their cuttings in a vase.  I understand that everyone is busy and runs all the time.  And, yes, I know it’s hard with all the demands, but wouldn’t it be nice to set aside one day as just family yourself.  Shucks, let’s try for an hour twice a week to do whatever or nothing.  Taking time off gives the mind and body time for recuperative rest.  Think how luxurious it would be to just sit or lie down and do nada, zilch, zero, nothing.  It can be accomplished.  You can do it if you try.

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