Making Lemonade

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade.  My father-in-law taught me that.  I had no idea that it was a trite cliche and honestly wouldn’t have cared if I had known.  I loved it and it got me through a lot of bad times.  So, lots of lemons here since the past week and a half life has been mostly lemons.  Luckily, I’ve become very efficient at making lemonade.     

I have to remember that life hands you both good and bad times.  It’s how we handle the bad times that sets the road for the good times.  Thinking things through, stopping and quieting when all around us trouble is brewing is an art that once acquired will steer us through future bad times.  Part of becoming an adult is learning to control the more destructive emotions that will hurt us if we give into them. 

Making a plan when you’re in the worst of the bad times is always crucial.  Plans give us direction, a way to meet the goals that are correct for us rather than skewing off on a tangent.  During those times when you want to sprint, you must plod along.  Plodding is mercilessly hard and often necessary.  Take a step, then, another, always moving forward.  At some point, I was taught to set one year, five year and ten year goals.  At that time, ten years was forever; now, I know that ten years is a snap of the fingers when considered within a lifetime. 

The point of the exercise was to project yourself into the future and set dreams of what you wanted at that time.  By doing so, your mind begins to focus more on the what can be.  Possibilities are always preferable to just stumbling through each day hoping it all turns out better the next day.  It never does.  While real life is filled with twists and turns, your life doesn’t have to be.  The choice we make for ourselves as well as those we love needs to be the correct one.  If I can face the promise of tomorrow and still plan for the future, you can too.

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