The Sounds of Silence

When I woke up this morning, I felt this wariness and wondered what was going on.  I laid there trying to wake up and listened, but there was no noise to wake me nor was there anyone stirring.  So, we were safe yet there was something that bothered me.  Snuggling into the covers, I strained my ears to figure out what was so upsetting.  I heard nothing.

By then, I was awake enough to add two and two and realized that I really had heard nothing.  It was absolutely silent.  I didn’t hear anything.  It was so startling that it was almost deafening.  There was no air conditioning running as it has for the past three months.  There were nights when the lows were 77 and the highs 103 that it had run all night long just to keep the rooms cooled to 80 during the day and maybe 76 at night.  No where could I go without hearing the air running with its constant drone and whine.  Even in the car, it ran to keep me as comfortable as could be.  It had become a sound that I no longer heard.  While I really appreciate the cooled air, I am not a big fan of it preferring to breathe natural air rather than the manufactured kind. 

Rising, I went out to the back porch and sat on the swing again hearing nothing.   I marveled at the sound of absolute silence.  It was so calming.   Then, I heard the soft sounds of birds and the gentle whoosh of a car passing by.   The world seemed softer somehow and more welcoming.  The cooler air whispered by and I sighed.  There would be more hot weather, but maybe not the excruiating, unbearable torch bright heat that inflamed the skin and burned the mind. 

The air conditioning will run today and I probably won’t notice it.  But, for now, I’ll soak up the silence and enjoy it.  I will appreciate the natural quiet which right now seems unnatural.  The roaring in my head will quiet and I’ll accept the peace once more and be thankful for it.

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  1. Leo says:

    I love that time of year when the a/c's need is minimal and the heat is not yet required. The open windows allow for some fresh air to blow through and remove the stale parts. What a great time of year!

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