Well, The Nerves

Actually, I should have said the nerves.  I have had a bad case of them since this past Thursday.  With two hours notice, my house was shown to a potential buyer who had studied my house for about two months on the Internet.  She loves this neighborhood, in fact, lives here now.  She has indirectly chided me for not using my alarm system and not locking all my doors.  I laughed. 

But with all that background information, I got a huge case of the nerves.  It didn’t help that the house hadn’t been shown since June 21st and I had resigned myself to the fact that the house wouldn’t sell until probably next spring.  Having that mindset, I enrolled in two classes which you have already heard about in a previous post.  I made plans to decorate the house for Christmas from mid-November to Thanksgiving for anyone who might possibly come through in November or early December.  I decided what flowers would be planted in the front flower bed and where I would buy them.   I had also decided that I would do a major cutback on some bushes that are about five years old and need it badly.  So, I had plans for the next couple of months actually through the end of this year. 

But, for the past few days, I have been lost in a morass of nerves.  Could it sell? Would it be?  I found out that I eat lots of fattening foods when I am nervous and don’t like that about myself.  I have eaten a box of Whitman’s chocolates plus some pieces out of another box that Emma has, four lemon custard filled doughnuts (I almost never eat doughnuts, but I did this past weekend.), and about a half gallon of ice cream.  I wonder why my tummy doesn’t feel yummy.  And my body is sooo mad at me.  I have lived on a sugar high for the past few days which masked all the nerves. 

So, today is Monday and another realtor showed my house.  My realtor called and asked to see me tomorrow.  I have nerves again, but fear is now the major emotion.  Selling a house is the worst roller coaster ride in history.  I was wired when it went on the market because thanks to my realtor it looked the best it ever had.  It showed beautifully.  We had super open houses and though I know that open houses don’t sell houses typically it was gratifying to see how much everyone loved the house.  It was wonderful when my house was the feature house in our local paper’s real estate section. 

But the waiting for it to be shown to a qualified buyer was unbearably hard.  Then, when the heat hit, I didn’t want anyone to come to see it.  Like Greta Garbo, I just wanted to be left alone.  But, now, the heat has dissipated, I finished a month of really bad allergies and was ready to go again.  And go we did.  It has been a busy time and, hopefully will get busier.  I’m not sure if my house will sell now, but no matter what I want to never lose hope again.  I never want to be that low emotionally or that beaten down.  Life moves on and I forgot that.  No matter what is going on change is coming.  That, death, and taxes are all we can really be sure of.  So, here’s to hope, may we all have it in our lives.  What we hope for will be different for each of us, but I pray that we each get what we hope for.

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  1. Leo says:

    I am so happy to hear that you got a contract on your house. Your house looks beautiful right now and I know that has to be a good feeling. To leave it in better shape than when you bought it is awesome. I cannot wait for the move that is to come.

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