You Just Never Know

This is a work of fiction.  These people don’t exist.  Give me an A for effort.

Macaula woke with a smile as her dream finished it’s final scenes.  She felt Tim’s kiss lingering on her lips as she gently rubbed her index finger there.  The memory was strong and the dream had only reinforced it.  She had met him while on a vacation in Ireland with her best friend, Alexis, better known as Lexi.  Tim Cathcart’s startling green eyes and black hair with that strong face had engaged her immediately. 

They had hired him and his taxi for a day tour of Killarney and Alexis had invited him to join them at their first stop.  Mac had noticed him looking at her through the rear view mirror and smiled back at his speculative looks.  He accompanied them during the day often adding his own pithy comments to those of the tour guides.  They had toured Ross Castle traipsing through all the rooms, climbing up the turret, and viewing the expanse of the Purple Mountains and lake.    Helping Mac down the stairs at one point, Tim had taken her hand and never let go.  She looked up at him questioning silently what was happening.  He avoided the look and kept up their normal pace never letting go. The three of them played tourist to the hilt laughing, taking pictures, and grabbing food and a pint at a local pub.

Just look at them, Alexis thought.  They looked so right together that she could feel the vibes radiating all around.  Him with those heavily fringed green eyes and Mac with a heavy mane of blond hair falling near her blue eyes.  But she knew Mac well enough to know that one night stands wouldn’t work for her.  Mac was careful with everything including her feelings and her heart.  Alexis was surprised that Mac had even allowed Tim to keep holding her hand.  So, there must be something new in the wind.

Macaula climbed out of bed and wrapped up in her robe as the October chilled air cooled her skin.  She thought of Tim and that fateful decision to give him her email address.  They had sent letters back and forth across the ocean for two months now and she knew so much about him as he did her.  They had a lot in common and, yet, there were a lot of differences.  She had been so sure it would all fade away with time, but her feelings had only become more intense.  She had no idea what to do or what would happen when he didn’t reply and that would surely be the outcome.  She would have to let him go and had told Lexi that that would happen.  It was inevitable.  He was so far away.  Too far away.  She needed to be with him and this situation wasn’t fair to either of them.  They both had their lives to live and it had to end and end now. She wouldn’t open her email and she would change the address and let him go.  It was the right thing to do.  Of course, that’s what she had said last week before weakening and reading his latest missives. 

As her coffee brewed and the scent brought her fully awake, she felt the loss of Tim already.  This time she would be resolute knowing that this ache she endured couldn’t go on any longer.  It was time to let go and get on with her life.  She would start going out again with Lexi and meet new people.  Her job was demanding and it would fill a lot of her time and energy.  She needed a change.  It was time.  An insistent knocking at the door broke her out of her reverie.  Setting down her coffee cup, she yelled, “Coming, Lexi” and hurried toward the door.  Opening it, her astonished face froze and thousands of questions sped through her mind.  There he stood.  It was Tim, no, it couldn’t be, yes, yes it was.  She pulled him through the door since he didn’t seem able to move. 

“What are you doing here?” she finally blurted out.

“I had to come.  I needed to see you again.  We need to talk.  You see, before we met, I had applied to attend the University of Virginia School of Architecture and the visa needed to come over here.  I couldn’t tell you.  I was so scared I wouldn’t be accepted even before I met you and after our time in Killarney, it became even more important.  I wanted to tell you, but if I hadn’t gotten into the school, then there couldn’t be a future for us.  I wouldn’t have been able to come to the US and then, where would we be?  Last week, I got my acceptance and my visa was approved.  It took me until today to get here.  Just before you opened the door, I was so terrified that maybe you had found someone else and wouldn’t want me here.”

“No, there’s only you, Tim,”  Mac lifted her hand to his cheek.  She had to touch him just to prove that he was real.

“Same here, Mac.  I want to marry you after we’ve had some time together here,” he replied as he slipped the ring on her finger.  They didn’t live happily ever after, but had a great life together.

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  1. Doris says:

    I LOVE IT! Now let's get back to Ireland and make it happen for real!

  2. cwurschmidt says:

    I'm game. I still miss Ireland.

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