Home is Where the Heart Is

Quite simply, a miracle has happened.  I have a contract on my house with only one contingency which should be cleared up by tomorrow.  FYI, it is now tomorrow and, as far as I know, the inspector had to nitpick to find anything wrong.  Big smile here so far.  So, now we have to await the appraisal which my realtor assures me is not a problem.  I expect problems, anticipate them, plan for them and when they don’t happen, I have a nice surprise.

I have to say that the buyer is a woman, the realtor is female as am I and this whole process has been handled in a most professional manner.  It has been pleasant and easygoing so far and I expect that that will continue.  This is one of my few experiences where only women are involved.  It is an impressive experience.  Makes all those tortured years of working for women’s rights worth the fight and the pain.

This has been a long day since it started at 3:30 AM and I drove for seven plus hours today through hilly terrain and traffic.  Fortunately, it didn’t rain.  I am ever so thankful to have made it safely.  Tomorrow the hunt begins for my new home in my chosen relocation area.  I don’t know much about the area or its people, but I like what I’ve seen.  There are trees everywhere.  Trees, I missed you for far too long.  You are welcome back into my life.  And I’ll have four seasons again.  Spring for a month or longer not just a week or few days and the beauty of fall.  Both will make the move worthwhile. 

To be honest, I have fear and uncertainty as companions through all of this, but sometimes you just have to move forward in faith that what you are doing is right.  I like change and it was time to move.  I believe this will become another growth opportunity for me.  I will be physically closer to two of my children and I haven’t had that for way too long.  Before long, I’ll be able to get a hug when I need it and when I don’t; holidays will become fun once again whereas in the recent past I have politely ignored them.  This will be a new world for me and, so far, I like it. 

Speaking of a new world, my four year old grandson has his own website (link – www.afewmoreminutes.com).  He has to take the picture, choose the photo, download, and publish it, and, with help, type the info.  It’s all his and I love it.  What a kid!  So, a growth opportunity for grandma and grandson alike.  Sometimes, life is pure fun and the reward is living it to its fullest every day.

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