I Have To Tell You

Really, I have an announcement for my children.  This is absolutely my last move.  If I ever get settled again, and I will, I’m not moving again.  You three may carry me out of my house or wheel me out, but never, never will I move again.  The only reason I am writing this post is in case I ever get the itch again, I can read this post and remember what it felt like. 

I ache in places I shouldn’t and feel terminally tired.  I’ve gained weight from not eating correctly and nothing is as it should be.  As I write this, I can’t help but smile since truly I am so happy to be moving and look forward to arriving at my new location.  The best news is that tomorrow night at this time the packing will be completed.  Finally, I am finishing what was started in February.  I have too much stuff.  It’s a problem, but it is my problem and, normally, I don’t mind, but moving this mountain of stuff is a huge deal.  Okay, so I have most of the books I’ve acquired starting at age 5 and add to the mountain monthly.  While packing the books up, I found many that I want to read once more.  So, I can’t wait to once again get them unpacked. 

While I am weary and achy, I still feel lighthearted and guess that by Friday all will be right with the world.  But, I will never move again.

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One Response to I Have To Tell You

  1. Leo says:

    Mom, I will do my best to remember this post and remind it to you when/if you get that itch again! 🙂

    Although, now that it is mostly all over, the move was definitely worth it and you have a beautiful home.

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