It’s Always Darkest

It’s always darkest before the dawn.  I’ve heard that for years and known it to be true.  But it seems as times as though dawn is a long time in coming.  Selling a house is pretty much all dark times.  No matter how stable you are, it’s hard to see people pass on a home that you have loved and cared for.  Waiting for a contract drags on and on especially in these days.  Times are so bad that you almost fear getting a contract since people are having a hard time getting loans and most people have a home that is also sitting on the market.  You hope, you pray,  you wait.

Then, one day you get that magic phone call and the next day you have a contract on your home by the next day.  Reality hits hard that now you really have to move; however, you must find a new place to live first.  That reality brought me to Tennessee.  It really is a beautiful place to live.  I had a town in mind to start with and then the hunt was on for a location.  We saw many, many houses most of which I either deleted immediately or when we walked in, turned around and left.  My decision not to buy in a subdivision made the whole process a lot harder.   My dream was to have a house that had a view or water feature which makes it even harder.  The first city I had chosen to look around presented nothing that was satisfactory.  I did find one place with a wonderful yard, but the house suffered from functional obselescence which just killed everything.

I dragged myself back to the hotel totally discouraged and wondering what I would or could do.  Since the mid-1980s, I have lived by the motto “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”  Hard work always get you where you want to be.  So, I was back on the computer broadening my requirements by putting in fewer of them and studying what was presented.  I found a house in a town I had never heard of that looked promising along with a few others.  As I was leaving my hotel to meet with the realtor, the desk clerk asked how everything was going.  I explained that I was having real problems and he suggested that I look in the town where I had found the one house.  Now, folks, I don’t know how you feel, but I considered that a sign that I was on the right track.  It gave me confidence that I was finally on the right road.  The realtor and I went to this small town and found THE house.  It is perfect as though it was built with me in mind.  Move in ready with only a few alterations in the future.  I was so thankful to find it.  The location is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.  Just perfect.  The house was built for me.

In this market which is brutal, it is nice to know that everything can still work out.  The traditions of buying and selling are still there with some minor changes.  My message is that it can be done.  And,  like the boy scouts, always be prepared.  Or be at a point where you can get prepared in an hour.  Lastly, have faith that it will all work out and if you lose faith, let your friends have faith for you until you get yours back.  This move has brought about major changes in my life both before and after it went on the market.  Everything is good now and all the wheels are turning.  Now, it is time to begin packing.  Library books first since after that everything is downhill.  Nothing comes easy and if it does, it’s not worth having.

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  1. Leo says:

    Faith is so important and I am glad you were able to stay strong despite the apparent lack of any hits or thoughts toward buying your house. We are happy that everything has worked so well for you!

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