Thanksgiving Early

After the last post, I thought it a tactful thing to do to list things for which I am thankful.  They aren’t in any kind of order just a listing of things as I think of them.  Basically, I am an optimistic, happy person, but the dark side of life has invaded me over the years.  I never have wanted to be a bitter, sad person.  Knowing who I am and what I attained to be in my adulthood gave me personal goals and rules to follow from my 20’s forward.  That wasn’t a tough decision since all I wanted to be was just like my mother, strong, compassionate and smart.  Through all that life has tossed at me, I have always been able to shrug them off and go on with a good attitude.  That was my choice.  You can be bitter or better and I consistently chose better.  The adaptations were worth it since through the struggles and setbacks, and there have been a surplus of those, I have maintained a stability of self and what I want out of life. 

This adventure in moving has been and will continue to be a roller coaster ride.  When I have time to think things through and have rested sufficiently, I make good, well informed decisions.  Looking at all sides of the equation and seeing which is more appropriate for me and me alone, the decision always seems to fall into place.  So, first, I am thankful for my internal GPS system which gives me the ability to think linearly to see the route that will take me the way to reach the end goal.

Second, I am thankful that tough times don’t get me down but instead get me moving.  Life is merely problems looking for solutions.  One makes the decision and then, even more importantly, follows through to the solution.  There are quite often bumps in the road to the solution and it might seem as though your goal is unattainable.  Searching through the reasons for the decision and how it was made can either keep you heading for the end goal or making appropriate adjustments.

My children have grown into amazingly strong, independent adults who are a joy to be around.  They are busy people who lead interesting, active lives.  I enjoy being around them and their spouses and more often than not learn how to better organize and fulfill my life just by listening to them.  Doubtful or not, most times I take their suggestions to heart and follow through.  Rarely, do they give me untenable ideas.  Whether or not I say it, I am always thankful for their ideas.  They keep me in the now and I am a better person for it.

It is ultimately one thing that allows my life to be a good one.  Though like all people I have my complaints and problems, overall my health is very good.  I know what it is to not have good health and be dependent upon doctors to regain it.  I know what it is to have to struggle to regain good health giving oneself the necessary time to do so.  Were it not for my health there is no way I could do all the things completed this year.  And it has been a banner year for getting things done.  I will always look back and be amazed at all that I have done.  I work daily to main good health by taking the medicines I need and eating right.  The only thing I lack is consistently exercising.  Ah, well, I have to leave something for next year.

Well, I have surprised myself.  I wondered what I would say that I was thankful for.  I like the list since essentially these are my priorities and still they list the things for which I am most grateful.  The bard, William Shakespeare, in Hamlet (Act III, Scene 3) once wrote,

                                                                              ” This above all: to thine own self be true,
                                                                                And it must follow, as the night the day,
                                                                                Thou canst not then be false to any man”

Wish I had written that.

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  1. Leo says:

    Great list, Mom. We are thankful for you as well and always enjoy our time together.

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