Explaining a Cat

How does one explain a cat to a four year old who has never been around one?  I never thought about it until my son and his family arrived.  I explained to Asher, my grandson, that I had a cat and that she was very scared right now and hid away most of the time.  I asked that he not chase her since it would scare her more.  That one quick explanation left room for 1001 questions answered over several days.  My daughter-in-law provided an excellent explanation of what a litter box is before I could think of a thing to say.  As expected, it took Miss Kitty a couple of days to show up during the daytime.  That had been her routine since we moved into the new house.  At night, she would explore, but during the day, you would never see her.

This cat is not one to wrap herself around your legs or jump into your lap.  Rather, she prefers to ignore people avoiding them as much as possible.  She likes me since I don’t spend time looking for her assuming that if she needs me, she’ll find me.  For Asher, who is used to a dog which loves to be near his family, this was a new concept.  He worried about the cat and why she didn’t come out from hiding.  Since Asher’s bedtime is 7:30, he never saw Miss Kitty.

Once when she finally did come out, he followed her explaining that he wasn’t chasing her.  He wasn’t but for every step he took toward her, she took three away.  Truth is he couldn’t resist trying to touch her; back she went, hiding under the bed.  I wonder how he felt about that, but he never said a word.  It must have been frustrating for him.  He is a huge problem solver, but with Miss Kitty, he met his Waterloo.  While the family was here, I went out on the front porch for a moment and there was the cat.  I couldn’t believe it since she wasn’t supposed to be out and I wasn’t sure how she got there.  As she started running away, I called her name and she turned to check out who it was or maybe she recognized my voice.  Reassuring herself that it was me, she came toward me with this wild look of “where are we???????” in her eyes.  Totally scared once again; ah, well, what can you do. 

Asher never got to play with her and she is still acclimating.  Now, Asher is back at home and Miss Kitty is still trying to figure out where home is.

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  1. Leo says:

    My guess is that Asher will have plenty of opportunities to learn more about cats – at your house, of course. 🙂

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