Reflections on the Family

It’s early afternoon now and I get to sit down for a while.  My back is saying thank you as the knotted muscles loosen.  DirecTV is here and both men have worked steadily for the past two hours.  My son and his family are sitting on the floor in a circle learning a new game and it’s fun to observe them as they discuss the finer points of this game.  Asher played the first game, but has moved on to other toys now.  Bechan sits in her little walker happily moving around standing when she wants and sitting the remainder of the time.  She coos and bubbles enough so no one can forget her.  She is a happy baby with her quiet, reserved personality.  I’m just happy to see her once again before she turns a year old.  I missed all of Asher’s firsts and don’t want to miss hers.  It isn’t easy being a long distance Grandma; you make a lot of sacrifices.  Children, as they will, grow whether or not you are there to see them.

Nothing could be better than sitting here listening to the chatter of my family and reflecting on my day so far.  Unpacking is as endless as packing and I thought that would never end.  So, the day is measured by how many boxes are emptied and the state of the house by how much is actually put away in a forever place.  For many things that come out of the boxes there is no home for it now; homes for them is on my to do list.  However, wherever there is family, there is always home.  The laughter and cries of children make a house homey immediately.  Watching my son playing soccer in the back yard with his son makes my life worth living. 

The day has ended with pizza and quiet since we have all worked ourselves into a worn out state.  I can see the floor of the family room once again.  The baby is content in her Mommy’s arms.  Daddy is stretched out in a well-deserved relaxed mode.  Asher has settled into the sleep that only the young enjoy.  By moving, I now live in not just a different world , but a better one, a happier one.  How good things are; how lucky I am; it only took me 38 years to get this far.  It was all worth it.

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3 Responses to Reflections on the Family

  1. Doris says:

    Carol, this is absolutely inspired. I can almost hear the soundtrack.

  2. Leo says:

    Great reflection of the day that passed. Incredibly accurate and descriptive. It was almost as if I were there again.

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