Shifting Gears

Change brings many things in life.  When moving, you are saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new.  Everything is an adventure and the adrenaline runs high.  The thrill of it all gives you energy to do what must be done and plan for the future.  You rush through each day eager for it to begin and ready for it to end and bring in the next one.  It’s all excitement and energy to get the work completed

Then, it is all over and your mind and body must adjust to the slower pace of “normal” living.  The temptation is to just stop and, perhaps, you succumb for a day, but then, it is back to moving around getting things in order.  You remember how good it felt phsically to keep the momentum going and that cleaning house is just as good an exercise as anything.  But there is business to take care of and it won’t wait like the housework can.  So, you do what you must and let everything else wait.  There can be no planning for the day and carrying out the plan yet; that, too, must wait.

Another day passes and you keep the balls tossing in the air and pray that they all stay there.  It is, in fact, a study in frustration that when something is resolved, it really isn’t.  It’s not resolved until you are breathless from the phone calls and ensuing discussions, the mind numbing loss of control over something that had you done it differently wouldn’t now be a problem.  Ah, second guessing yourself.  It’s like comparing yourself to someone else.  You always see their perfections and your faults.  Both are lose, lose situations. 

In the end, it always works out.  You give up some of the control and let it flow as it will, working all the time to get what’s right and best for yourself and everyone else.  Somehow, it all works out and, finally, comes to an end.  The results are worth all the time and energy.  What’s more, a month from now it will all be funny.  This is a story to tell my grandchildren;  I should get over myself and write a book.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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