Taking A Breathe

Oh, yes, it’s time to relax now and enjoy the miracle of having survived this move.  There were no big problems nor was there anything that I can point out and say, “That could have been done better.”  The fact is that moving is a mind numbing, exhausting undertaking.  At this time in August, I was resigning myself to the certainty that my house wouldn’t sell this year and hoping the spring would bring more buyers.  Wrongo, moosebreath!

Eight weeks later, I am sitting in my new home and all the necessities are unpacked and almost all put away.  This coming Saturday, I will have lived here for one week.  Thanks to my son, his wife, and Asher every unpacked box has a place to be in order of priority for unpacking.  All the have-to boxes are unpacked with only three more to go to finish the kitchen.  We actually ate a homemade meal tonight on real plates with glass drinking glasses.  No paper or plastic selection for tonight’s dinner.  The only unfortunate occurrence was that my new toaster oven cooks only in the convection mode.  Not knowing that, I started an eight pound roasting hen at 1:00 pm so it would be ready by 5:00.  It was ready at three; lesson learned.  The oven only cooks in convection mode.  I think I’m  going to like convection once I get used to it.  It will be nice to decide at 4:00 pm what I want to eat and eat it at 4:30 pm.  I can live with that very nicely.

But we ate most of it anyway.  We all put in some solid hours of work after a slower start this morning.  The slower start was intentional as we lazed about and it was very nice.  Today, Cliff and family return home.  The house will feel empty for a while, but then the fine tuning of moving begins.  A slower pace will set in and a lot of planning and research will start.  There will be days to just dream and wish.  Then, the dreams and reality will mix to provide the final result.  The five to eight year plans will become reality and the house will be completely mine.  So much to do; all I need is time and money.  Isn’t that always the bottom line.

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