Time Changes Again

If you read these posts regularly, you will know that I have done a lot of traveling this year.  The trip to Kansas City was no problem, but the trip to Phoenix was long and, by then, I was totally exhausted from preparing my house to put it on the market.  My only problem with sleep was getting enough.  I left the Central Time Zone driving to Mountain Time Zone and, finally, into Arizona Time Zone where true to their nature, they do their own thing.  Following the wedding, I was able to take a leisurely drive back to the Central Time Zone.  By the time, I got home it took me a week of naps and regular bedtimes to get anywhere near normal once again. 

The television showed the morning news shows at seven am and the day followed through until the news came on at ten o’clock and the late night shows followed.  My day and internal clock was set to that routine.  Then, when my house sold, I was once again thrust into timeless, long days of packing, conferring with agents and wrapping up all the odds and ends involved with a move.  There were nights when I fell into bed and an exhausted sleep which didn’t really refresh but gave me enough energy to get through the next day.  When the last duty, closing on the sale of my house, was completed and after saying goodbye to my favorite neighbors, I drove to my new location in the Eastern Time Zone.  By the time I arrived at the hotel, I took care of Miss Kitty and fell into bed.  For two days, I ate and slept and did nothing else.  Then, Monday, the routine began again of taking care of utilities, coordinating with my agent and the title company in preparation for the closing on Tuesday. 

By the following Friday, the movers arrived and began unloading all my stuff.  It took all day and by the time they left, I was worn to the bone.  The next morning, Miss Kitty and I left the hotel and moved into the house.  She immediately hid under my bed which I was making up in preparation for the night.  After unpacking necessities all day, that bed looked beautiful and I climbed gratefully into it sleeping the sleep of the gods.  It was heavenly knowing that I would have my own bed once again now and forever.  But by going to bed early, I was getting up early like 4:30 or 5:30 am.  Finally, it dawned on me that I had to adapt to the new time zone.  The telly was a mess since all the programs came on an hour later which further messed with my internal clock. 

Now, two weeks later, I pretty much have it all down pat and am getting accustomed to all the changes.  The morning television news shows still come on at seven, but the late evening shows come on at 11:00 pm.  Yesterday, I realized that we are nearing the end of Daylight Savings Time and, with a groan, acknowledged that once again, I would have to go through the whole process.  So, I have two more weeks to get accustomed to EDT before going to EST.  Time changes never used to be this hard to get used to but it seems now that it gets harder and harder to make the change.  The only bright spot is that on November 7th we “fall back” an hour.  Maybe, that will help; we’ll see.  So, if I seem grouchy that week, don’t worry about me it’s just that time of the year.

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