Finding Love in all the Right Places

Hannah and Hancock have been here a week now and so far we are holding our own.  Messes on the floor are diminishing inside and increasing outside and both are eating and drinking like normal dogs.  Gold star given on both accounts.  On the second day, they each got a bath which wasn’t bad at all behavior wise.  It killed the shelter smell.  That first night they slept like the dead and I could only think how nice it must be for them to be in a quiet place with no other dogs barking or pacing.  By day three, they even started to play with each other tussling and jumping.  They even started to warm up a bit with me.   I now understand that they will never be lap dogs or seek constant attention which in hindsight is a really nice thing.  They don’t get on the furniture and don’t beg for food when I eat so this is looking really good.   

To deter the floor messes, I put them in individual material crates with zippered closings.  Hancock immediately started with the howling and barking and I shushed him,  within five minutes, he started again, but this time I was in bed and could have cared less.  Around one clock in the morning, I heard little feet on my bedroom floor, but it couldn’t be so I figured it was something else.  Five minutes later, I heard the noise again and getting up to investigate saw Hancock at the foot of my bed sneaking around.  I carried him back to the family room knowing all the while that the brand new carrier was torn up.  Looking for the damage, I saw only that that little sneak had literally unzipped the front and gotten out.  I was so stunned that I just put them back on the beds and went back to my own.

Now, in my family room is a large size training kennel with metal latches that little Houdini can’t escape.  He howled a few times last night, but by the third time you could tell his heart wasn’t really in it so he tucked himself in and slept through the night.  With a smug smile, I turned over and slept the sleep of the dead.

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  1. Leo says:

    That is a great story. I am glad you are using the kennels. I think that helped us keep LC from destroying and pooping on everything.

    It sounds like they are settling in nicely.

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