Snow Thoughts

It has been years since I have lived where there was true winter weather.  We’ve had a few snows here that were short lived gone as quickly as they came rushing in with wind and cold and melted almost as soon as the sun returned.  This one is different.  It crept in Christmas morning and quietly began snowing with a few small flakes here and there soon moving to a quiet shower of snow.  There is a restful, quietness to the falling pieces of white.  With no rush, it continues and as each shower passes it leaves a little more cover to the ground.   At first, you could barely see it nestled as it was among the blades of grass.

Through the day, it kept coming wave after wave of snow showers which were almost forgotten amid the hustle and bustle of telephone calls and preparing the Christmas feast.  As I ate, I watched it continue to snow and marveled at the beauty of a white landscape dotted with green trees decorated festively with snow on the branches.  It is picture postcard pretty seeming like an unexpected Christmas present.  Darkness falls obliterating the quiet fall as it continues through the night blanketing my little corner of the world.

Morning brought the glare of a white world and still more snow falling without wind or people to mar it’s beauty.  It measured at four inches this morning and has rarely stopped snowing since then.  The weather people say that it will continue another night and end tomorrow morning.  I could sit here observing for longer than that.  It’s a miracle that something that small can make such a difference just by being persistently there.  There are no warnings of blizzard or treacherous conditions on the roads.  On this after Christmas day, there is no place to have to be nor is there a need to rush since work resumes tomorrow.  For now, it is a quiet and peaceful insulation against the clanging clamor of our times. 

For now it is just the snow and I; however, the end of the week will bring higher temperatures and with it, all the activities delayed to watch the snow.  January will usher in new activity and planning.  It will also surely bring more snow, ice, and winter.  For now, we have the wonder of a quiet snow painting our landscape with it’s pure, soft white.

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2 Responses to Snow Thoughts

  1. Doris says:

    Carol, I liked this so much I had to read it twice. Your descriptions just add to the peacefulness that I feel looking out on my own fresh crop of snowflakes here on the western slope of the Rockies. We havent measured it, but it looks like 4-5 inches of powder.

  2. cwurschmidt says:

    I never truly knew what "powder" snow was until moving here. In Virginia, we had those big fat flakes but here it is small flakes that pack down. Fascinating. I also don't remember the morning after when the snow has iced over and sparkles from the sunshine as though it contains diamonds hidden throughout. Really beautiful. Our snow is almost gone now and certainly will be by tomorrow. Enjoy your snowfall. They really are rarely enjoyed..

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