Step One

On this day, I have taken a major step.  I met with a man who specializes in doing kitchens.  Now, please don’t misunderstand.  I really love my house and have snuggled into the smaller space with little or no problem.  However, the house has flaws and I wouldn’t have bought it otherwise.  The kitchen, while perfect for me since I am cooking for one, is a major no.  It is in a corner near the middle of the house and smack dab in the living area.  Anytime you’re cooking you face a corner and block all the light behind you.  The lights are on, and need to be, day or night, anytime I’m working in there.  Plus, for resale value, it behooves me to have a larger kitchen and living area.  When the kitchen is enlarged, I can then bring the rest of my stuff from the garage back into the kitchen where it belongs. 

After taking six weeks to think about all the projects that I plan to do, two rose to the top of the priority list.  The kitchen and painting the upstairs became the two most wanted projects.  Using contacts that I made in September, I met today with this really nice man, who was in construction when it was booming; he and a partner started their own business doing kitchens and baths when it wasn’t.  It doesn’t hurt that he lives nearby so meeting with him is easy.  We talked for two hours discussing the various alternatives and what could or couldn’t be done; he measured current cabinets to see what could be used for the downstairs kitchenette.  Now, he will put all we discussed into his computer and come up with a plan which I then will pick apart until we come up with the perfect look that will be uniquely mine but appealing to other people.  The kitchen will set the tone for the remainder of the house and open up the midsection creating a great room which will be perfect.   

This will probably be more difficult than my other houses since they were all traditional and now the goal is to have a more modern or European look.  It will be a nice change but is a road less taken and, therefore, harder.  The natural inclination is to succumb to the urge for the comfortable, traditional decpr so I am fighting that.  It’s a new time, a new leaf, leading to a new look.  There will still be traditional, old furniture and, if I’m honest, some Asian touches here and there.  So, all you professional designers will just have to deal with it.  The accumulation of a lifetime is the final influence.

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2 Responses to Step One

  1. Doris says:

    Whaddayamean "resale value"? You said your kids would have to carry you out of this house toes up! 🙂

    • cwurschmidt says:

      When I moved into my house in Jackson, I said, "I'll never live anywhere else. I love this house. There is nowhere else I would ever want to be." Practically speaking, if I don't sell it and move into a retirement home, then, the kids will have to sell it at sometime. Thus, I am thinking ahead and planning for the future, aren't I? No, I'm not planning on going anywhere for about 20 or 25 years.

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