The Birds, The Birds

Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” film is one that bears watching repeatedly over the years.  It’s fun and fearful by turns.  Tippi Hedren plays her role of Melanie Daniels superbly as the aloof, spoiled heiress who obviously has way too much time on her hands.  That allows her to take love birds to Bodego Bay for Mitch Brenner’s sister and begins this horror tale that unwinds slowly and terrifyingly.  If you haven’t seen it, try to do so.  It’s a great movie.

Having seen it many times, I am reminded of it everytime I walk outdoors these days.  There are hundreds of birds all around my and my neighbors houses.  For the most part, they are in the pasture eating the seeds that haven’t sprouted during the previous weeks, but often are in our yards.  The yard will look dark with small spots of green here and there.  There must be three or four flocks as they seem to segregate according to some method which I can’t discern.  There must be nearly 100 birds per flock.  When they lift and fly to another location, you can hear the hum of their combined fluttering wings sounding much like an air conditioning system when it first starts up.  Then, as a group with some leading, others following, and the last hurrying to catch up they fly away.  For the most part, they move as a unit; however, a few will either linger and still others will land in a nearby tree. 

Constantly chattering, they create a horizontal wall of sound which would be intrusive except their chirping is rather quiet and en masse they seem to always sing, chat or call to one another.  But their actions are what is compelling.  There is constant movement with some taking off, others landing, some moving to another spot.  As they soar over the house, you can once again here the hum of their flapping wings.  Sometimes, they will just circle a neighbor’s tree and land back in the field.  Then, for some unknown reason, they will fly away to another location all of them and peace and quiet will return.

The small herd of cattle were moved to other pastures so there is nothing to stop the congregating of the birds.  While I find it udderly embarassing, I finally realized that what I thought were cows aren’t; no bags.  Nor have I been able to identify these birds, but plan on finding out what type they are.  It really doesn’t matter as the magic of watching them is sufficient, but an enquiring mind won’t rest until it knows.  It is also interesting to me that most of the other birds that normally hang around don’t when the flocks are around.  Nature is fascinating; it’s one of those really good things.

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