It’s probably due to the mountains, but while doing research on windbreaks, the material showed that where I live now is a temperate climate which came as a surprise.  I know that what natives considered a hot summer seemed rather nice to me, but I had just moved from Deep South heat and humidity.  Today, for the third time this month, it is blowing snow and we might have an accumulation of an inch or so by tomorrow afternoon. 

The weather is perfect for me here since the plateau which covers some of southeastern Kentucky and some of northeastern Tennessee seems to receive the cooler temperatures and snow while the mountainous areas get the really cold weather and plenty of snow. We who live in the foothills get some of both, but it never lasts long.  Just enough to satisfy the soul.

The biggest surprise is all the materials that I haven’t worn in so long that they were literally forgotten.  It feels so right to slip into flannel pants with their soft warmth.  And turtlenecks which have always been a winter staple for me are perfect here.  While thinking about getting warmer pants than jeans to wear out this winter, I remembered corduroy.  Oh, the corduroy I used to wear.  Love it!  I haven’t even begun to think about wool sweaters and coats, but am thinking about some type of hat that will provide warmth, but won’t fly off with the wind.  Mine are at least twenty years old and need to be updated. 

So, the winter I dreaded is showing itself to be enjoyable so far for it’s not just the clothes, but the foods that I have really missed.  Winter is so conducive to making and enjoying soups and hot tea or cocoa.  Then, there is bread to be baked, served with the homemade soup and cookies to eat after the meal.  Turning on the oven doesn’t seem to be a punishment since it warms the rooms and scents of  baking food fill the house.  So many memories flood my mind of days with children running underfoot and soup heating for dinner while we snuggled into a warm home with the fire heating it on a snowy day.  Those are treasured times.

Before long, the house will swarm once again with children underfoot, football will be watched, and the adults will talk of this and that with everyone snacking and relaxing.  Those are the days I long for that will spell family to me.  This much feared winter has proven so far to be more welcome than imagined.  So, here’s to four seasons with a time to plant, a time to reap, a time to save, and a time to enjoy all that has gone before.

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  1. Leo says:

    It sounds like a great place to be right now. We did get snow, but will probably not get it consistently like you.

    You are right about the how nice it is for the snow to show up for a day and then melt away just as quick.

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