Trial And Error

Technology is moving so fast these days.  It doesn’t seem possible that so many things could have been changed as fast as they have.  Between work and my children, it was easy to keep up with all the current “it”.  I am as computer savvy as I need to be with my laptop, have an iPhone, a digital camera with all it’s advantages, and am phasing into flat televisions with HD and DVR.  It is fun to text with friends and family or email as needed and the games on the iPhone are an easy way to pass time.  Who could resist the pause or record features on a DVR; not me, certainly.  This is all so easy for my children and grandchild but for me it takes a little more effort until I learn it. 

I think my mother and father must have felt the same way about rocket science and all the changes it brought.  The knowledge gained in space technology slowly filtered down into every household.  Remember Tang.  Just like television brought about TV dinners, it was introduced to the public as the powdered orange juice served to astronauts and since they were the current heroes, we all wanted to drink it.  But, truth to tell, it was awful and then, someone introduced Russian Tea made with Tang, instant tea, and instant lemonade.  I remember women mixing it up and giving it away at Christmas in pretty jars as gifts to friends. Years ago, I finally broke down and made some but after one cup, threw it away.  Yuck, nasty stuff.

That was then, but now, I drink real orange juice, real lemonade, and favor Chai tea lattes.  I still wouldn’t mix them together.  My daughter drinks tea made from orange pekoe and green teas.  She raves about it so this summer I’m going to try it.  It’s a sure bet that many of the items introduced today won’t pass the test of time.  But the knowledge that remains opens other doors which may perhaps bring a better idea.  Rather than buy a new product when it is introduced I usually wait a year or so to get it.  There are several advantages to this since the prices fall rapidly after a year or so and all the initial bugs and problems are corrected.  Therefore, I end up with a better product purchased at a lower price.  Works for me.

We have become more green preferring natural items to the manufactured idea of perfect.  Preservatives and MSG made food stay fresher longer and taste better according to all the manufacturers, but it wasn’t necessarily a good thing for the purchasers.  So, we shun the premade foods and are back to cooking.  Hormones were introduced to cattle and chickens along with antibiotics to make for better foods for us; however, now, we have girls as young as nine going through puberty.   Puberty is hard enough and going through it and at nine is unimaginable.  Maybe someday we will have it all perfected and have a better understanding of life and our place in it.

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