Alone, Not Lonely

Several people worried and fretted about me being alone during the holidays, but my old friends didn’t.  Years ago, I recognized that for me being alone wasn’t the same as being lonely.  It’s easy to sit day after day or week after week without going out and be perfectly content.  Perhaps, the hardest part for me while parenting three little ones was never to have a moment of quiet except at night.  When everyone was asleep, I could think about things that needed a resolution or escape into a book with it’s exotic locales or exciting plot. 

 It’s hard for some to understand the difference between being alone and being lonely.  Alone is defined as being separated from others per the Miriam-Webster website.  I think of being alone as the time to indulge myself with all my favorite things, to do what is important to me without having to worry about others needs.  It’s a time to reflect and remember, to seek the answer to the current situation that has risen, and to get all the things done that need doing.  It is a time of solitude interrupted only by phone calls or the animals needs.

While I enjoy being with other people, I enjoy this solitude and all the more so because these times are so rare and never last long.  Already the wheels are turning for another project and soon my time of reflection will end.  There will be other projects and more things to do.  Perhaps, these quiet times are the reward for all those projects that keep cropping up.  Perhaps, I really enjoy them because they are so rare even though I can’t imagine living like this year after year.  There are just too many things to do which, in turn, makes the quiet times more enjoyable.  The alone times are treasured and enjoyed more so since I know they will end.  A friend once told me the only constant in life is change to which I might add, you should savor each portion.

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  1. Doris says:

    Glad to know I'm not the only one who can distinguish between alone and lonely. You must have read my mind. All those years I lived alone I was never lonely — probably because I'm a flaming introvert.

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