Another Snowy Day

Well, it’s snowing again.  This is the umpteenth time since December and, yet, today is different.  There is a layer of ice underneath all the snow that makes the difference.  Plus, it is snowing hard enough that plowing the roads is an exercise in futility.  So, we all sit in our respective homes doing whatever we want to do and waiting until this passes on which should be sometime Wednesday.  This particular storm has risen from the south where it brought ice, snow, and power outages from Mississippi and Alabama and now covers Tennessee, Georgia, South and North Carolina. 

People up north are laughing at us no doubt, but over Christmas, they had their own problems from which they are only now recovering and this one is heading for them.  The south is vulnerable to winter weather because there are rarely events such as this.  Cold air barreled in from the north and a moist low from the south converged to create the whole scenario.  First there was rain which then froze and the snow followed and hours after this system plays out another will arrive.  Everything is cancelled and the local news show stayed on until 9:00 am repeating the same thing over and over,  “Don’t go out unless you have to, drive slowly because the roads are slick, things will improve in the afternoon and deteriorate overnight.”

I don’t question the need to send out these messages, but does it need to be repeated for four hours on all the major networks and The Weather Channel and why am I watching it.  Obviously, it does since those with foolish pride believe they can handle it and despite the warnings go out ending up in an accident.  Fools rush in where angels fear to tread or so the old saying goes.  I wonder why stores will  open.  It seems to be a waste of time and money around here since a lot of people live in the country and the side roads are pretty bad.  A trip on a divided, four lane highway that would normally take twenty minutes takes over an hour and that’s with four wheel drive.  Sleds seem the appropriate mode of transportation and the kids are using them.  Neighbors are outside shoveling or just playing with their kids or dogs.  It’s a great day.

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  1. darlene Fahey says:

    Ok Either purchase cross country skis or a pair of show shoes. A snownobile would also be fun it's the seniors answer to a golfcart!!!

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