Back One Step

In late December, a post entitled “Step One” discussed the meeting with a contractor who would redo my kitchen.  After multiple times trying to contact him with no success and the weeks ticked by, I decided that I would not chase him down and he wasn’t worth my time and effort.  Not understanding his reasoning, it was obvious that he didn’t want my business so I moved on and got a recommendation from another source.  It has now been three weeks and no contact so another possibility hits the dust.  I prefer talking with people who are recommended, but this time I decided to find someone on my own and prayed that I wouldn’t end up scammed or otherwise left with a mess.  I’ve got to stop watching “Holmes on Homes” on HGTV which combined with previous experiences leaves me suspicious and wary of anyone who builds or remodels houses. 

So, I was back to step one again.  For days, I tried to figure out what to do, whom to contact, how to start the whole process and get this process moving.  It was obvious that I had to have something done since everything that needs to be done including finishing unpacking is dependent upon getting the remodeling finished.  The best way forward is to take that first step and move on from there so I found myself sitting here with the yellow pages searching under Contractors when I stopped and declared myself stupid.  Calling contractors out of the yellow pages is just asking for trouble.  After thinking further about how to find a contractor on my own, the Better Business Bureau seemed like a good option.  While talking with them, they suggested that I go to their website and look at their recommended contractors.

There I found a long list of contractors, much to my surprise, and found one located in this small town with an A+ rating.  Since that sounded pretty good, I gave them a call.  It was a pleasant, business call and an appointment was set up for the following week to discuss the changes that I want made in the house that I purchased.  In addition, I have an appointment with a landscape designer to help me design the yard I want to have.  However, with the bad weather coming in Monday, that appointment will probably have to be postponed.  Though I have had to retreat back a step, this new beginning feels like a much sounder footing.  Now, I just have to worry about the cost and paying for it.  After all the work is done, there will be furniture to purchase, drapes and pictures to hang.  This will be a busy week and I hope to be able to move on to step two after it is finished.  Step two will be getting the estimates and scaling back many of my wishes and fantasies into a more real, budgeted final product.  Only time will tell.  This saga, much like the one about the dogs, will go on for sometime.

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