Enough with the Steps

No more will I discuss the remodeling project in steps for this is a journey and like any journey it begins with small steps that mile after plodding mile end up with a dream becoming reality.  The reality of doing all this work is just now hitting home and it is scary, glorious, and exciting.  How can the heart hold so many emotions simultaneously?  Meeting with the designer and her assistant gave me a real sense of what is going to happen.  Being older and wiser now,  this project takes on a greater proportion since I know it will be my last.  This house which now stands in its humble state will become a proud, welcoming home.

It is such fun to work with designers, as she is called because she doesn’t have an architect’s degree, because they have ideas and can visualize things that we can’t.  They are very good at what they do and obviously are a strong team.  We talked while touring the house to see it as it is now and discussed the house as it can be.  They saw as I do things that just shouldn’t be and yet are.  But the best of it was that they could “see” in their heads what I “saw” in mine and above and beyond that came up with things that I would never have dreamed.  They walked the house inside and out measuring each wall, nook and cranny.  From that will come a drawing of the house as is which will then be transformed into what it will become.

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