Forward to Step Two

Finally.  Yes, finally, I have the remodeling project underway and no, the construction team won’t be here next week.  As of now, I’m completely comfortable with this company which is a miracle in and of itself.  However, realistically speaking, there is a part of me that is waiting for the other shoe to drop and this tenuous partnership to deteriorate.  Today’s meeting was with the owner’s son, it is a small, family owned business, and the company’s estimator and I think it went well.  I discussed all the parts of this initial interior remodel which I am calling Phase One.

During Phase One, a portion of the upstairs kitchen would be installed downstairs and the cabinetry painted since it is cheap and ugly.  The fireplace and it’s surround that is upstairs will be moved downstairs to the family room and built in there.  Tile will replace the carpet in the kitchen area which will essentially complete the downstairs except for the addition of a gas furnace for the upstairs.

The upstairs will totally change.  Currently, it is broken up into a teeny living room/foyer, a small kitchen, an open area for a dining room table, and a long rectangular room which is now called the sun room/family room.  When finished, the kitchen will be rebuilt in what is now the sun room.  Two walls will be removed thereby deleting a useless hallway and opening up the entire area into a great room.  There will be shelving built along the only wall left in the room which will include along with bookshelves a spot for the television and a fireplace.  Finally, there will be a built-in shelving unit in my bedroom with a place for a television. 

It all sounds so simple when I write it down, but it is complicated and won’t be easy until the upstairs kitchen is removed.  There are a thousand or more details involved that have to be decided particularly in the kitchen.  What counter top to get, what size or how many pantries, stove versus cook top, which door pulls and drawer knobs will I choose and on and on.  This is the part where I repeat endlessly that mantra, “it will be worth it in the end”.   For weeks, if I’m lucky it will only be weeks, there will be hammering and all the construction noise.   The dogs and I will stay in the small third bedroom upstairs until the downstairs is completed.  Happily, we can sleep in my bedroom each night but, just in case, maybe, I should put casters on the kennel where they sleep each night. 

With the ideas laid out, we now take the next steps.  The estimator will return to talk more with me and finalize getting measurements and lots of discussion to make the final plans.  With him will be a design artist who will take our discussions and draw up plans so that everything is totally laid out and agreed on by all parties.  Once that portion is completed, the final estimate and contracts will be drawn up and signed.  Only then will the work be scheduled.

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  1. Leo says:

    It sounds like it will be an awesome overhaul of your house. I look forward to seeing it as the progress is made!

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