Just One More

Since we’re talking about Street Corner Symphony and we were yesterday, there was one song out of all five shows that just knocked me down, flat down. I hadn’t heard it before, and can’t get it out of my head even now a month later. To wrap up on the Sing Off, I just had to include this one. Give it a try, you may hate it or love it, but what a song. It was originally performed by Radiohead. What really stunned me is how much it seemingly took out of Jeremy Lister to sing this song. He did an unbelieveably good job.

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4 Responses to Just One More

  1. Leo says:

    My favorite song they sang on The Sing Off was Down On the Corner:

  2. cwurschmidt says:

    They really are the best group. I'm hoping they come to the Knoxville area sometime in the near future, well, not too near since the snow would stop me from going right now. By the way, Doris, the lead singer was the best man at Alicia's wedding. He looks about 25 lbs leaner now.

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