Shelter Dog Update

For a while there, I wondered whatever possessed me to get dogs and, to add insult to injury, two dogs.  Right now, I get it.  After weeks of trying to get them house broken, it seems that bribery works.  I finally broke down and bought training treats which they get when they go outside versus inside.  Who would’ve guessed?  They work.  Not once today have I cleaned a mess and elimination control seems to be the order of the day.  They even braved the rain and snow to earn their treats.  Thank you vet Susan for the suggestion.  I will be forever grateful. 

Their dental treatments were done last week and they seemed totally unfazed by the whole thing.  After a week of medication, rest, and recuperation, they are feeling much better.  In the mornings, they play and rough house while tossing their toys around and it is great to see them so playful and just plain fun.   Every night, they go to their kennel with one toy each and are asleep in no time.  There are no plaintive howls or whimpers during the night.  Even better, they are almost to the point where they don’t fight over food anymore.  I like to think that their security level is increasing and they are becoming trusting, loving little pets.  They will run up for a scratch and look at me sometimes like I have all the answers.  I appreciate the trust, but I don’t have all the answers.  They will never be lap dogs, but they are always aware of my every move and, like Kate, know when I turn off my computer and put it down. 

Even Miss Kitty is coming around.  She will now come into the room where they are and she even took back her bed from them temporarily.  Pretty much her routine hasn’t varied even an iota.  So,  she is her happy self again and all’s right with the world in general.  The antibiotic will be finished this weekend and we will be down to the few that will remain for their lifetime.  There is still plenty to do.  Next step is to get them leash trained and used to being outside more.   But that is a month or so away and we can all settle in for now and enjoy.  They are a lot of company and bring at least a chuckle a day which makes it all okay.    I just hope that all this training holds firm when the remodeling begins, but they don’t seem bothered at all by people being around.   In fact, they prefer not to interact with other people.   While not perfect, they are perfect for me.

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  1. Leo says:

    That is cool. I am glad things are settling into a routine and they are feeling more comfortable there.

    My friend used the treats to have their puppies go outside and relieve themselves. The pups got smart and began faking going to the bathroom so they would get a treat. It was too funny.

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