The Plan Progresses

Things are moving right along on the plans for the remodeling project.  There have been been more meetings, more drawings, and emailing which means more house cleaning and lots of thinking and revising.  All of this activity helps to wash away the January blahs which are just yucky due to an almost total lack of sunlight.  It’s odd to know what I want and how I want it done and, yet, question myself so much as to what is right and how to arrive at a mutually satisfying result. 

As always, looming large is the question of how much money to spend on the interior project.  I have yet to get any quotes and can’t be sure of anything until we arrive at that stage of things.   We plug along getting more and more definitive about all the thousands of details postulating about this scenario or that one.  Unfortunately and inevitably, the final decision will be mine and mine alone.  I spend time doing mental walk throughs in imaginary rooms seeing if they work with my daily routine or needs.  I imagine most builders just look at house plans to see if they fit the most rudimentary requirements that most people have; however, for me, this is my home to be lived in and enjoyed.  Therein, lies the difference.  A huge difference.

Friends give me some good advice while family listens and interprets my ideas telling me whether it is good or not.  Still, I ponder and think and question.  Realistically, that is perfectly normal for this stage of things, but, normal or not, it is totally frustrating.  I know I will forget something and probably laugh at it a year from now or just shake my head as in “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that”.  The budget will be set for this Phase One project, it will begin and it will end, and I will love the end result.  It’s all a matter of faith and hard work.  When my faith becomes shaky, I remember when friends in Jackson held the faith for me when I had none that my house would sell.  It sold and they were proved right in their faith.  I think how much the buyer must love living in that house and how great it is.  Now, it’s my job to project into the future and see this house as it can be with time, care and money so I can love living in this one.

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3 Responses to The Plan Progresses

  1. Leo says:

    I am very excited about your upcoming project. Soon, it will be your home and not just a nice house you are living in.

  2. cwurschmidt says:

    Yeah, and no halls of horror. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww.Carol—

    • Leo says:

      Haha, every good house needs a hall of horror. How else are you going to freak out the grandchildren when they come to visit?? 🙂

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