A Hard Thing To Do

While it is easy for me to talk with people, only rarely do I make a connection with the other person and truly enjoy the repartee.  Quite by accident, I was lucky enough to meet a native of this area who has lived like me in many other areas of this United States.  While at the Home and Garden Show, I made a connection with the woman who was handing out brochures.  It was unbelievable how many ways our lives are similar.  She’s a realtor; I was a realtor.  She has no husband and doesn’t want one which echoes my feelings.  We both agree that all the good guys in our age group have twenty to forty somethings on their arm.  Honestly, it is the men’s loss since both of us are infinitely more interesting and fun.

It was so much fun talking with her that much out of character for me, I sent her a thank you email.  That one email ended up with us making plans for lunch near where she works.  We went to a local restaurant that had really good food where she had eaten for years with her family.  We couldn’t stop talking long enough to even look at the menu, but finally, ordered with the help of a very understanding waitress who made some very good recommendations.  An hour flew by as we kept running into similarities in both our lives.  Then, she gave me a quick tour of the area where she works and lives including her house which she purchased a few years ago.  Her house is wonderful and the back yard is even better.  I could sit there for hours and be totally content.  Like me, she has a ton of pictures, both family and art pieces, little space to place them along with books and paperwork that need a home.  She has no idea how familiar that sounds.  Also, like me, I’m sure she is loath to get rid of most of them.  The only difference between us is that I dumped a lot of stuff either by gtrashing, giving away, or selling the items.  I didn’t tell her how hard that was nor the huge feeling of relief when it was all done.  That will wait for another day.

She struck my heart of hearts when she showed me a used bookstore where you can buy or sell books and my heart just went pitapat.  I can’t wait to get over there and browse to my heart’s content.  Unfortunately, real life is interfering with what would surely be a great time.  In return, I shared with her my favorite site for ordering books online.  We are going to plan an outing for her to visit my house and I would love to hear her thinking on what I am doing.  As a realtor, she should be be able to give me invaluable ideas and opinions.  She has already said don’t do it, but I can’t quite stop myself.   She’ll understand better when she sees it. 

Making a friend isn’t something that happens automatically like connecting with someone does and, for me, it is a very hard thing to do.  I hope that over time Susan and I can become friends and here’s hoping for more lunches and someone to go play with at the activities offered in this area.  Maybe, we can make each other’s life a little brighter and more enjoyable without giving up the independence we both crave.  It’s a risk worth taking.

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2 Responses to A Hard Thing To Do

  1. Doris says:

    I'm so glad you're finding friends close by.

  2. Leo says:

    Look at you, growing up and making friends. 🙂

    That is cool that you found someone so close to you. I really hope things work out between Susan and you and you end up developing a great friendship.

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