Another Circular Motion

It has been mentioned in these posts before that life runs in a circular motion always carrying us back to a point where we’ve been before.  Being a “child of the sixties”, it is easy to remember those days when women were being liberated to the tune of the strident notes of Betty Freidan and her book, The Feminine Mystique, and the more sophisticated ones of Gloria Steinem.  There was unrest everywhere along with long haired, barefoot, jeans clad protesters sticking flowers into the guns held by police or national guard.  Everyone hated the Vietnam War and/or Richard Nixon equally.  These were the days when the movement began to return to nature, to farm our own food, weave our own cloth, and to be more “natural”.  Those in their twenties were the leaders of this mass movement; however, their message was lost in the haze of marijuana and radical politics.  Although the hippies, as they were known, were the majority, there were many who silently sidestepped the entire issue and sided with the more mainstream politics by joining the military.  These were the more straight laced members of the twenty somethings of that day.  The idea of being more natural was introduced to the United States and the world in general.

Everyone, or at least most everyone, aged into the industrialists and shakers and movers of our more modern world raising their children and becoming the successes they were meant to be honing their lives into ones that often mimicked their parents.  Now that the twenty somethings of the 1960s are aging into their sixties and the challenge of life has for the most part paled, it is the time to take up new interests so for many of us it is time to return back to the more “natural” way of life introduced in our youth.  Catalogues, the Internet, and brick and mortar stores are full of items allowing the user to return to a more natural way.  Rain barrels, gardening, and drinking water or tea along with eating more natural foods that aren’t full of additives and prepackaged are highly popular.  This is a time to revisit all we heard about in the sixties and, hopefully, we’ll all be better for it.  Perhaps, we can pass this knowledge on to our grandchildren and, if so, I’m sure they will spurn it before growing up and making it even better.

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2 Responses to Another Circular Motion

  1. Doris says:

    You must have looked at the Lee Valley website. 🙂

    • carol says:

      I didn't, but, assuming that is where you live, I'm not surprised. Honestly, I think it is a very quiet revolution that's going around. I am astounded at all the "natural" stuff out there. How fun it is to explore all this "new" stuff.

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