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Last week, there was another meeting this time with a cabinet maker.  Don’t you just love folk who are knowledgeable, intuitive, and talented?  This couple were all of that and more.  A call had come in about 9:30 am from Ryan who said that he had contacted a cabinet maker and given him my information and that I should expect a call from him.

Not even ten minutes after we had hung up, Kathy, wife of the carpenter, Joe, was on the phone and they had time available that morning.  The appointment was set and I scurried around straightening up the house and myself finishing up right before they arrived.  A look at the plans gave them both a good idea of what was going to happen which led to a tour of the areas where I needed assistance.  When doing something like this remodeling project, you get a feel for when people are getting what you are describing.  That’s what happened.  I described and they both got it.  How nice. 

As we walked around, all of had a lot of squeaking going on.  The previous owners had a housekeeper who put some type of wax on the wood floors when they really didn’t need it.  I had mopped and mopped and mopped trying to get that wax up without any success so every step included a squeak which was totally irritating.  With apologies, I explained what had happened and Joe said, “409.”  I knew what the product was but would never have thought about using it on floors.  During my next trip to the store, 409 was at the top of my list.  Desperation will lead you to try anything.  Plus, Joe obviously knew all there is to know about wood and I figured he had some experience when he said 409 would remove wax from the floors.  Today, I finally got the opportunity to try it. 

Yes, there is still a bit of a squeak, but it seems to be less so.  The best news is that the milky look that had come with all the other cleaners is gone and they shine.   The floors look great for the first time since I first mopped them.  I am so relieved especially since I have company coming tomorrow or the next day.  And I’m assuming that with further uses the squeak will go away.  What’s even nicer is that it cleaned the tile floor so well.  Dirt that had built up over a couple of weeks and hadn’t come up all came up with the 409.  I’m sold and will not be without it again.  Maybe I’ll try it on the stove top that I’m fighting with.

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3 Responses to Ask People Who Know

  1. Doris says:

    You betcha! I've learned more about house cleaning from the two women who clean my house than I ever knew before meeting them.

  2. Leo says:

    That is too funny. Correcting years of mistakes with a litle 409. It pays to hear from people who know. We have been using white vinegar for years, but we did not have the same problem you had.

    • cwurschmidt says:

      I used the vinegar and it just made things worse, but I will go back to it. I like using it for clesning.

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