Collecting Money

There are many amazing things on earth to see, but sometimes it is the small things that often draw my attention.  This week while going through the mail I sat here and collected twenty cents just sitting here in my chair.  Three different charities asking for money spent money come up with their particular fund raiser, to print out all the requests, more money for the folding and envelope stuffing and finally, money to complete the mass mailing.  I opened the envelope, took the money out, and, without looking at the material, tore it up and trashed it meanwhile pocketing the money.  It probably sounds harsh and, perhaps, I should have felt a little guilty, but I didn’t.  If they want to send me money, that is their choice and I, in turn, made mine. 

The funny thing is that while working as a fairly new realtor I once did the same thing.  I don’t know if my kids remember, but I was working one neighborhood and sent them mailings regularly.  This took some ingenuity since I wanted prospective clients to read the mail without spending a lot of money to get their attention.  It’s hard to remember but I think it was about the tenth time I did this mass mailing of about 900 flyers to the neighborhood.  I was getting calls off them and some listings so I didn’t want to stop something that was working and, besides that, the people who lived there were beginning to know my name and would read the information.  But I am here to tell you that after a while good ideas for fliers are hard to come by and I was running out of them after doing so many mailings and sending them out monthly.  Plus, at that time, I had no listings or sales so that wasn’t something I could use. 

While thinking this through over time, I came up with the idea of “a penny for your thoughts”.    I put together something that said how much I was thinking about their homes and if they wanted to sell, I would pay a penny for their thoughts.  I bought the paper and printed out the fliers at the office while the staff printed out the labels.  After packing everything up,  I dropped by a bank with my ten dollars and asked the teller for that amount of pennies.  The look she gave me was priceless and after she closed her mouth remarked, “Ma’am, nobody wants pennies.”  I just smiled wisely and replied that I did.  She gave them to me without further protest and probably talked about the crazy lady who came into the bank for pennies for days.

Then, it was on to home where I had corralled my kids and as it happened their great-grandmother who had picked that day,  unfortunately, to come by.  For hours, we glued on pennies, folded, labeled, and licked stamps to prepare them for mailing.  It seems now that there was much grumbling, complaining, and plenty of laughs at the table as we all worked together. Then, I was tired and sorry to put my kids through all that and at the end really glad to have another mailing finished.  Now, I remember it with fondness and am proud that my children would set aside the time to support me and my business.   It’s just a speck in time and a warm memory.  If I didn’t say it then, thank you one and all for the help.

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