Day Trip

Today was a perfect day for my first day trip with it’s 57 degrees and bright sunshine.  The wind keeps everything cool still, but it’s a grand day, the first we’ve had since early December.  It was also my first solo foray into the city which also meant a trip with detours since a major bridge is now closed for two years for rebuilding.  Fortunately, the detour worked out fine and is obviously well thought out since it caused minimal problems except for the GPS which kept trying to get me back to the closed bridge.  So, I visited the convention center to attend the local home and garden show and it was time well spent.

I have gone to others, but I thought this was well done and had a lot of interesting booths.  I found out about gutter helmets which should be better than gutter screens which allow a lot of stuff through them and require cleaning about every five years or so.  Theoretically, the “helmet” covers the gutter allowing water only into the gutters.  I’m still not totally convinced that they are worth the money, but anything is worth not having to pay to get them cleaned out.  

The next booth was all about invisible fencing to keep dogs in the yard without putting up a fence.  This booth was set up in conjunction with a UT pet friendly garden area which was absolutely wonderful.  There were areas for digging, a hydrant for….well, you know, and an area of gravel just for running.  They also had a rock formation with running water that was for dogs to play in and a small waterfall for drinking.  They obviously packed a lot into a small area, but it was really pretty and human friendly as well as dog friendly.  It looked very natural and had there not been signs everywhere telling me what it was for I wouldn’t have guessed.  Flanking the other side of the pet friendly garden area was the UT vet area where they discussed plants that are dangerous for animals including rhododendron, azaleas, tulips, and lilies.  Really?  Who knew, not me.  The invisible fencing, if placed correctly, would keep dogs from getting near these plants.  Really interesting.  Those three booths alone were worth the trip. 

But, of course, there were many more.  There was a visit to the herb shop where I purchased double spice chai tea plus a talk with a fellow non-gardener while signing up for a local gardening magazine which should be a huge help and buying a book entitled, Passalong Plants, which will make for interesting reading.  There was the modern furniture booth and one with homemade planters made by a young man who does great work. 

There were many booths to which I never made it, especially the cooking demos, but my legs and back as well as the rest of me just plain worn out.  Why didn’t I exercise more these past months.  Too late now.  It must have been at least two or three miles of walking so I will feel better tomorrow, but for now, I’m tired.  But what fun plus now I will be following up on the shops and talking to all the people who were recommended.  They’ll see me there next year.  There’s always something to learn at these exhibitions.

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