Learn, Learn, Learn

It’s like being in high school again except there are no bells clanging or going from room to room changing classes.  Nor will there be a prom or graduation ceremony…….well, maybe an open house to meet the neighbors.  The work on the house is growing more intensive almost on a daily basis for me.  There are lots of  field trips though which are my favorite part.  There are also hours spent on the internet researching what I have learned during the field trip. 

A good example of this is all about flooring.  Right now, wood floors of some type are laid; however, due to the remodeling they will have to be torn up and replaced.  As mentioned in an earlier post, the idea of carpet was brought up and I seriously entertained it, but the decision was made to look else where and I thought about more industrial type flooring.  Researching industrial flooring is an exercise in futility as far as the internet goes.  It gives a lot of options, but most of them aren’t appropriate for a home.  Frustration led me in a desperate move to stop by a local hardware store to check options there.  It is almost amusing to watch the clerk’s face when you ask about something that is outside the norm.  First, the baffled look surfaces and you can almost hear them say, “Huh??? Lady are you crazy” or words to those effect.  Then, their brain clicks in and the ideas start forming and they lead you right to the normal stuff they sell most commonly.  But even while they drone on and lead you from one area to another if you keep your eyes open you might run into something unexpectedly and unexpected.

There they were, just hanging there, and virtually ignored by everyone.  These big tiles made of recycled PVC that were soft to the feel and while most are made for industrial buildings, garages, and child care centers, a select few are made for home use with a calmer pattern, solid color and such a nice soft feel.  The installation is easy with no glue required, no slipping due to their interlocking feature and only vacuuming and/or mopping required.  They are impervious to water, stains including oil and grease, and general abuse; however, if one does become damaged it is easily replaced with another tile.  Or, at least, that is what the company claims.  I need to find such a floor to see it and ask about the care and maintenance.  That’s for next week.

I also meandered through a warehouse of stone warehouse.  Honestly, I didn’t know that many types of granite, marble, and onyx existed.  Granite, while pretty much being an industry standard right now, is not a personal favorite, but I did find one type that was interesting.  This venture was pretty much a bust as far as I was concerned but at least I did the walk through and pretty much confirmed what I already knew.  I have also looked at the Corian samples and picked out one sample which would work, but there is also a place about one and a half hours away that carries all types of recycled countertops as well as stone and concrete.  Other than laminate stainless steel,or wood, those are pretty much all the choices available.  It really seems as though there should be other choices.  But it is undeniable that kitchen counters take a lot of abuse and must be durable.  Unfortunately,  that translates into expensive.  Mothers encourage your child to plan a future in countertops. 

One success this week was finding a furniture place that sells more contemporary furniture.  They had some beautiful pieces and I loved most everything there.  The accessories were exciting and fun.  All those clean lines were so exciting and pretty and while the furniture was for the most part neutral, the accessories were bright and colorful.  It was a great time visually exciting and abounding with ideas;  whenever I need a boost to raise my morale, I’ll just visit there.   Like life itself, this process has it’s successes and failures but most of it is just pure drudgery and footwork.  But, really, isn’t everything that’s worthwhile the same way.

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4 Responses to Learn, Learn, Learn

  1. Leo says:

    That flooring sounds awesome. A diamond in the rough (time at the hardware store). 😉

  2. Doris says:

    Kate and Jerry put the big interlocking tiles in theor kitchen. We bought some very colorful ones and laid a square of four on top of the tile in front of the stove to give the cook a softer place to stand. They do clean up easily, and for stubborn spots you can take up the offending piece, take it outside and spray it with a garden hose.

  3. Doris says:

    Ignore "theor" in my previous comment. I do know how to spell "their" but this keyboard is smaller than I'm used to and sometimes the letters run together. 🙂

    • carol says:

      Thanks for the input. I have pretty much decided to do the whole house in them using beige tone tiles. I do want to do one more look-see and order a box of the tiles I have picked. Soft flooring that's not carpet! What a unique concept. By the way, my eye and brain just skipped right over "theor".

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