Learning and relearning

My mother was a quiet, dignified woman who in my eyes could do anything and do it well.  She could also be fun loving with her sharp sense of humor.  Her dark brown eyes could relay warmth and love or a sharp reprimand with equal ease.  She knitted, crocheted, and sewed and was an innate cook whose best skill came with baking.  When my husband and I would visit, she always would bake his favorite cake, pie and dinners since she thought he was too skinny.  At their home, I always came second since he was the beloved son-in-law.  Mother’s goal in life was to see him gain weight which he did but it was too late for her to see it.

While growing up, Mother tried to impart in me the ability to do the things that she loved but at some point, I’m sure, she gave up.  We had two obstacles in the path of learning.  The first was that I just wasn’t interested in any way, shape, or form in doing all the domestic chores she enjoyed and, secondly, I was born left handed.  That was an obstacle for her that she just couldn’t comprehend nor overcome.  As a married adult, my lack of ability became apparent.  But I assumed that I could always learn it and I was wrong about some things.  I have never really learned how to clean house and do it well.  I am still just not interested.  Doing something that requires so much repetition bores me silly. 

But now I have returned to trying to knit.  In the 1970s, I had a best friend who taught me the basics and a book for beginning knitters and had some success, but with work, marriage, and, later on, kids, knitting got put on the to do list.  I’ve always enjoyed knitting since it provides a challenge and there is hope that one day I’ll actually finish a project.  Right now, I am trying to relearn casting on as well as the knit and purl stitches in hopes of making a scarf for either this winter or the next one depending on when it is finished.   It has been totally amazing to me how the memory returns after a short while of how to do it and suddenly, the hands know what to do as though it is natural.  How wonderful our brain is to do remember something like that after so long.

Today, I relearned casting on and started the knit stitch.  I have practiced both stitches innumerable times today and tomorrow it will be more of each while adding in the purl stitch and more practice of all three.  It also helps to be able to count since there is a lot of that.  You will hear the celebrating when I finish this scarf.

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  1. Leo says:

    That's neat. It is neat to read about Grandma and then how it relates to you. I hope you have fun relearning how to knit. Now that you have the time, it should prove to be fun.

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