More Sticker Shock

James Taylor is coming to town, here, right here!  I couldn’t believe it.  Well, I’ll go see him said I.  The next time the ad ran there was a rush to pull up the site and find a good seating area in the arena.  I knew I didn’t want to be up in the boondocks of an arena, you know, the nosebleed section.

The first time that I went to concert was in San Francisco.  My husband decided that we should go see Neil Diamond sing as a kind of present to me since I have always and forever loved to hear him sing.  I was thrilled and couldn’t get there fast enough.  I felt so special getting to go see Neil Diamond, to hear him sing in person.  Plus, it was an actual date with my husband and we didn’t have many of those what with work and children and jobs.  You know how it goes.  So, I got all dressed up to look my best and off to San Francisco we went.  The arena was huge, no, gargantuan and our cash flow was always tight so we ended up so high that it could almost make you dizzy.  The stage looked to be about a foot wide we were so high up. 

I didn’t care after all it was Neil Diamond.  This place was packed, there must have been thousands of people there and the hum of people talking buzzed through the arena.  Eventually, the lights began to dim and the crowd hushed.  There he was in person and those dulcet tones were heard throughout.  I couldn’t believe it.  Neil looked to be about an inch tall.  We weren’t sophisticated enough to think to bring binoculars or such for a better view but at least, we could see him.  He sang his standard hits and I loved everyone of them often as not singing along.  The evening was great and I was grateful for the opportunity and I’m sure that I babbled all the way home about how great it had been.

My second concert was in a much smaller venue and Celtic Woman sang.  Thanks to my daughter-in-law we had great seats on the first row of the balcony.  I flew to Charlotte to go with my son, his wife, and her parents to see them and they were wonderful.  It was a great show and all the more enjoyable because I could really see the talent.  I still remember the percussion section with their array of drums and knowing the songs, I would wait for them to hit certain spots where the drums would sound like a call to the soul.  Well worth all the trouble to get there and see them. 

So, now, I wanted to see James Taylor, but literally I wanted to be able to see him.  I’ve got his CDs and he has accompanied me on many trips with my favorites, Sweet Baby James and Carolina In My Mind.  It took some doing searching through various sites and finally, fining the information on James Taylor’s web site, but I finally got the information and clicked on the ticket purchase site.  I was actually going and the excitement began.  Then, I saw the prices.  For an orchestra seat, it was $227 and the least expensive ticket was around $100.  Well, I would have to be James Taylor to pay those kind of prices for a concert.  It is, I suppose, a compliment to him that he can command those high prices, but it certainly has to be a stretch for most people to be able to afford to attend a concert.   As you can guess, I won’t be going to see James Taylor and it’s his loss as well as mine.  I would love to see and hear him, but an evening to see James Taylor would inevitably end up costing at least $300.  There are a lot of things that can be done for $300 like food, gas, and heat.  Maybe, I’ll go see a movie instead; that should only cost about $30 including gas and popcorn.

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