Who Knew

Things must have been simpler when my parents bought their house.  They probably had linoleum countertops with the same thing on the floor.  They bought a four room house with one bath around 1955 and I believe it was finished before they bought it.  I do remember my parents were appalled because they had to pay $9000 for the house.  It had two bedrooms, a living room, and a divided kitchen/dining room.  Our family consisted of my parents, my brother, and me.   Since we were young, my brother and I shared a bedroom; however, a few years passed and we had grown and the time came for our own bedrooms.   

Their biggest challenge was having to remodel it adding on two bedrooms.  I can still remember the construction being done and was amazed at how the house changed its configuration.  It changed from a rectangle into a T shape and from a two bedroom house became a three bedroom house with a bigger bath and a hallway.  The bath had a tub, a toilet, and sink in the one room with linoleum tile.  I still remember how spacious it felt after the remodeling was done and how much I admired that “huge” bath and having my own room.  Just thinking about it now makes me smile.  Another smile came when I remembered us getting our first washing machine.  As a family we just stood around the machine and admired it.

For my mother, there was only one place to put the washing machine and the dryer was a line in the back yard where the laundry was hung year round.  When it was brought in nicely folded to prevent wrinkling, my mother would sprinkle some items with water and roll them for ironing.  Everything was ironed from sheets to underwear.  I can still remember the way those freshly ironed sheets smelled.  Now, I own an iron.  It’s still in the package that I bought it in.  Someday, I will use it, probably.

However, times change and we progress.  Whereas my parents used the phone and meetings, I am using phones, email, fax, the internet, and meetings.  Truthfully, it is more than that.   First, you have to decide where the laundry room will be.  Right now, it’s at the end of a hallway.  Since the hallway is going away, the discussion of where to put the laundry room began.  Should it remain where it is now and be a side room off the master bedroom closet, should it remain a separate room, or should it be relocated to the kitchen?  All of these were good solutions and each has it’s pros and cons.  After much thought and discussion, it is decided that it will be off the master bedroom, but that one decision took a lot of time and thought.

Now,  I have moved on to counter tops and my head is spinning from the choices.  We have laminate, tile, concrete, granite, quartz, slate, and stainless steel and we haven’t begun to talk about recycled products made into counter tops.  Each has its own pros and cons and it’s own price range with the recycled products having an additional freight charge that differs according to whether it comes from the east coast or the west coast.  Some of the products can chip or crack, some will always need resealing, some can have integrated sinks, some come in solid colors and others have a more mottled look, but none are perfect.  Further investigation is a given and next week that journey begins.  I dread it.  This may sound like too much emphasis since counter tops are not a new invention, but this decision is critical since the kitchen will be open to the great room and in constant view.  It has to look nice and be easy to keep clean; it can’t be too busy nor should it overshadow everything else.  It will take time to make the final decision and I pray it is the right one.  Next year, this will all be funny, I hope.

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