Culling and Sharpening

It has been a really busy time.  Everything is decided as last posted and I’ve begun receiving the items ordered last week.  The new bathroom sink is here with it’s sleek faucet as is the kitchen faucet.  They are beautiful, almost works of art, and the simplicity of it all is stunning.  No more curves and dips to collect dirt and grime. 

The final numbers are in now and I’m dealing with paying not only for that but also the taxes that are due.  So,  April is going to be a fun month…lots of laughs.  But as soon as the work starts I’m thinking of taking a trip just to get away from the noise of the destruction and, by that time, I will have earned a short respite.   

There are still some things to debate like the color of the cabinets.  I can debate it a thousand ways and each would be fine, but I want it to be just right with a melding of tones and textures.  Happily, I found a lady at Home Depot who is a former interior decorator to help me wind my way through this maze of options. 

But there is one cheerful note.  The tomato seeds I planted during February are now growing and they are looking so good.  Hopefully, I can separate out the stronger plants in a week or so and replant them in their own little private area until they grow taller and stronger.  I have so many plants right now that it’s almost scary, but I hope they all make it.  The plan is to share them with my aunt, uncle, and cousins so they too can have home grown tomatoes.  Tomatoes, glorious tomatos to slice for sandwiches to fry when they are green, to cut up, to freeze, maybe even try dehydrating.  It makes me want to dance just to think about it. 

They can be seasoned with sweet basil or parsley, made into tomato sauce for spaghetti or pasta,  or just enjoyed right off the vine.  Their juicy goodness dripping from the sandwich or my mouth.  Not to mention BLTs with their crunch and sweetness.  Maybe I should grow that lettuce.  Ah, well, that is for another day.

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